I’m an 80’s child, live in Zurich and am constantly inspired, touched and fascinated by music. This love for music has convinced me to start this blog together with Shirley. My love for music has started early, by listening to the radio. For hours I used to sit in front of my tape recorder trying to record my favorite songs off the radio. I don’t remember the first music cassette I owned, I do however remember which CD’s were my first acquisitions. Roxette and David Hasselhoff. Not much later I was infected with the boy-band virus, anything from Take That to the Backstreet Boys…

A – I need to fly to America at least once a year
B – Backstreet Boys , one of the sins of my youth
C – My first CD: David Hasselhoff  (I did not buy it myself!)
D – I once won a trip to Dublin
E – I am not a  "mañana mañana” person, even though I’m from España
F -  Je parle Francais
G – G like: „ do not get close to me when I’m hungry!“
H – All my messages end with "big hug"
I – Parlo anche italiano
J – The first letter of my better half’s name
K – If I ever eat a Kebab, you would find me in Dübendorf
L – My life motto is: you only live once (and I said that before the YOLO era)
M – Music has accompanied me all my life
N – I fell in love with New York in 2005
O – I can never walk out of Orell Füessli without buying  a new book
P – My favorite dish: Paella
Q - Q-Tips are apparently unhealthy…
R – Real Madrid is the best Soccer Team!
S – Star/Celebrity magazines are my favorite bathroom reads
T -  My alarm clock tone is "Hall of Fame" by The Script
U - I would love to live on the Upper Eastside for a whil (remember, I Love NYC)
V – I often decide to spontaneously fly to Valencia!
W – One of my hobbies is Web design
X – I was never good at math
Y – Like I said before… I hate Math ;)
Z – Coolest city in Switzerland: Zurich