Another day another concert! This week it was Canadian singer Jonathan Roy in Zurich. Just a year after his last performance, Jonathan Roy graced us once again with his presence at Papiersaal on Monday night. The venue was comfortably filled, though not sold out, creating an intimate yet vibrant atmosphere.

The evening began with a captivating set from Australian musician Portair, who charmed the audience. He for sure won me over after his cover of The 1975 song “Somebody Else”.  His performance set a pleasant tone for the night, winning over many new fans.

Concert Pictures: Portair @ Papiersaal, Zurich 

Jonathan Roy Takes the Stage in Zurich

At 9 PM, Jonathan Roy took the stage. The setup was inviting, featuring a stage packed with instruments and a carpet, adding a personal and cozy touch to the venue. The audience was a cute mix of people from all walks of life, contributing to a relaxed and happy ambiance.

I really loved the connection between the musicians on stage. Just like last year, Jonathan Roy’s genuine enjoyment of the music was so refreshing and great to witness. This is something that really makes me enjoy a show even more. The vibes overall were fantastic; with the room not being overly crowded, everyone had space to dance and immerse themselves in the performance fully. The minimal chatter from the crowd was a bonus, allowing everyone to actually focus on the music.

While the newer songs were enjoyable, my personal highlight of the night was definitely “Keeping Me Alive,” the song that initially introduced me to Jonathan Roy’s music. 

In summary, Jonathan Roy’s concert at Papiersaal was a delightful experience, marked by great music, a warm atmosphere, and a strong connection between the artists but also the audience. 

Concert Pictures: Jonathan Roy @ Papiersaal Zurich

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