Another day another concert! This week we got to see Jane’s Addiction in Zurich. It was another concert on a Monday, which always seems to be a bit tricky with the Swiss audience. The show wasn’t sold out, but the venue was nicely filled by the time the headliner got on stage. 

The audience, predominantly male and mostly in their 40s and upwards, with a sprinkling of women and younger folks, filled the venue with chill vibes. I loved seeing two kids up front at the barrier. Certainly a testament to parents raising them right on (quality) live music.

Swiss band Second Function opened this evening. They delivered a solid performance and made sure the crowd is warmed up and ready to go! 

Concert Pictures: Second Function @ X-Tra, Zurich 

With a slight delay of about 10 minutes, Jane’s Addiction finally took the stage shortly after 9pm. They were greeted by fans ready to rock out and celebrate the legendary band. From the very beginning, guitarist Dave Navarro was keen on getting close and personal with the crowd. Throughout the night he always got to the very front of the stage, showing off his talent and throwing guitar pics to the fans. 

A Chill and Enjoyable Vibe at X-Tra

The atmosphere was super chill, with the audience thoroughly enjoying the music. Known for their unique blend of alternative rock, punk, and psychedelic influences, Jane’s Addiction kept things relaxed too. Focusing on the music without resorting to elaborate stage gimmicks or special effects. But the fans were happy. Was this the show of the year, nah. At least not for me, as their sound is not necessarily my cup of tea 😀 But it was cool to experience something new and immerse myself in a different kind of music style…

Concert Pictures: Jane’s Addiction @ X-Tra, Zurich 

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