Another day another concert. Happy to say we got to enjoy our Saturday night with Mackenzy Mackay in Zurich at Exil. I only just discovered Mackenzy Mackay on TikTok a few months ago, and I was super excited to see that he was coming to Zurich for a show.

It seems I wasn’t the only one captivated by his viral videos, as the show had been sold out for a while. I very much looking forward to what the night would bring. The atmosphere at the venue was relaxed, with quite a diverse crowd. I expected to see more very young people as Mackenzy did build up quite a fanbase on TikTok. 

The night kicked off with the support act, singer Lewis Fitzgerald, who despite being hungover, delivered an impressive set. His voice was incredible, and his overall vibe perfectly set the mood for the evening. The crowd might have still been a bit chatty but i could see and especially hear many really enjoying the set. it was clear that Lewis had his own following within the audience. 

Concert Pictures: Lewis Fitzgerald in Zurich

Mackenzy Mackay Takes the Stage in Zurich 

At 8:30 pm, it was finally time for Mackenzy Mackay to take the stage. Despite his own hangover, Mackenzy’s performance was great. The venue was packed, and the energy was electric as he performed both well-known hits like “Cold Stare” and “The One That You Call,” as well as new songs like “Make Love,” which was a real treat for the fans. He also performed a few songs on his guitar and on the piano, which was really nice! The diverse audience was just vibing, enjoying the chill yet exhilarating atmosphere.

One of the most memorable moments of the night was when Mackenzy took the time to thank everyone in his touring party, from the bus driver to Lewis Fitzgerald and even the merchdude. It was a lovely gesture that showcased his appreciation for his team. The concert closed with a bang as Mackenzy performed “London” and even jumped into the crowd. 

When ending the show, he mentioned that he’ll be over at the merch table. And there he really was. Patiently greeting everyone even as the line stretched on for over an hour. As a fan girlie myself, I can confirm that this kind of dedication to his fans is very much appreciated! Thank you! 

Concert Pictures: Mackenzy Mackay in Zurich

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