Another day another concert. We finally got to see Leap in Zurich this week. And it was nothing short of electrifying, making it the perfect way to end a stressful day. 

Despite the unfortunate cancellation of their last show in Zurich due to unforeseen circumstances, this make-up concert was quite the make-up show for us. The show was sold out and the venue was packed! 

Support act Lola Boum kicked off the night. The audience was already vibing while the venue was slowly filling up.

Concert Pictures: Lola Boum in Zurich 

As Leap took to the stage, the energy in the room skyrocketed. The audience, predominantly composed of young adults in their early to mid-20s, was already buzzing. From the very start, Leap captivated the crowd with their infectious energy, launching into their set with bangers. Lead singer Jack’s dynamic stage presence had the audience fully engaged, as he frequently ventured into the crowd, opening up mosh pits and interacting with some lucky fans.

Vibrant Performance by Leap in Zurich

The atmosphere only intensified as the night progressed. At some point, 2 girls in the front row offered the band shots. Without hesitation, the band welcomed them on stage, introduced themselves and gave out hugs. And of course, then doing the shots!

By mid-show, it wasn’t surprising when lead singer Jack hopped into the audience every now and then. The mini-moshpits kept coming and the audience really kept bringing the energy. As the show slowly got toward the end, Leap announced that they’ll hang out after the show. During the last songs, singer jack ventured into the audience again and even had a little crowdsurf moment. 

True to their word, the band really did come out quite soon after ending the show and spent time chatting, taking photos, and hanging out with fans, showing genuine appreciation for their fans’ support. The concert was not just a showcase of musical talent, but they showed me that they’re doing everything right to build a strong and connected fanbase.

The show was a very nice and refreshing surprise to me. I knew a few songs and liked them. But I was for sure surprised in a very positive way on their stage presence and energy. If they keep this up, I do see a bright future ahead of them. They clearly know how to deliver an unforgettable live experience, leaving everyone, including me, awaiting their next performance.

Concert Pictures: Leap in Zurich 

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