Another day another concert. This week we got to see Calum Scott in Zurich! The turnout for Calum’s concert at The Hall was impressive, with the venue nearly sold out. 

The audience, predominantly female and spanning various age groups, created a relaxed atmosphere. The inclusion of a significant number of LGBTQ+ attendees added to the diverse ambiance of the event.

Opening the show was Australian singer-songwriter Hazlett, whose smooth vocals and mellow tunes set a serene atmosphere. 

Concert Pictures: Hazlett in Zurich

Birthday Celebrations were Included

Around 9 pm it was time for Calum Scott to take the stage. Backed by a full band featuring a small strings section, which added depth to his performance. Despite the calm ambiance, Scott’s solid vocals and amiable stage presence ensured an engaging experience for the audience.

A special moment during the set occurred when the spotlight shifted to cellist and vocalist Alex, who was celebrating her birthday. For a brief five minutes, all eyes were on her as Calum and the entire venue came together to congratulate her. It was a heartwarming gesture that added a personal touch to the evening. Alex’s birthday became a memorable part of the night, showcasing the sense of community and connection fostered by live music experiences.

A Solid Performance at The Hall

Throughout the evening, Calum Scott showcased his talent with fan-favorite hits like “Dancing on My Own.” Additionally, attendees were treated to apparently a premiere of the new song “Then There Was You” set to feature on the upcoming Garfield soundtrack, a moment that added excitement to the evening. While the atmosphere may have been quite calm and maybe not as crazy as at other shows, Scott’s performance undoubtedly left a positive impression, making for a memorable night at The Hall.

Concert Pictures: Calum Scott @ The Hall, Zurich

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