Another day another concert! This time we got Jason Derulo in Zurich. The Nu King World Tour brought some explosive visuals and dance moves into Hallenstadion. The atmosphere at Hallenstadion was electric from the start. Fans were eagerly awaiting Jason Derulo’s performance. 

The venue was filled nicely, I’d say close to being sold out. The audience was quite diverse too. You could tell that the “Savage Love” singer has quite a broad fanbase going from young to old. 

As the lights dimmed, anticipation soared. Afro B, the supporting act, warmed up the audience with a pretty simple but energetic performance. Always nice to get some Afrobeats to warm up. 

Concert Pictures: Afro B @ Hallenstadion, Zurich 

TikTok Generation Takes Over

Looking around the crowd, it was evident that TikTok had quite an influence on the audience. Many in the front rows, predominantly young girls, might not have even been born when Derulo released his first hits 😀 Yet, their enthusiasm and energy were infectious, adding to the excitement of the evening.

Explosive Start and High Energy

Then, a few minutes earlier than expected, Jason Derulo stormed onto the stage, setting off a dazzling display of pyrotechnics and fireworks. The audience erupted into cheers, singing along from the very start.The setlist was a perfect blend of Derulo’s classic hits and newer tracks, ensuring there was something for everyone. The stage design brought some vibrant colors and provided a stunning backdrop for the energetic performance. 

Jason Derulo in Zurich – The Nu King brings Les Twins out 

All of the dancers did such a great job! I honestly didn’t know where to look, there was always something going on. The highlight of the night though belonged to Les Twins, whose mesmerizing dance routines captivated everyone! 

At some point Jason Derulo even took a quick bath in the audience. He went off stage, appeared on one side of the crowd and literally walked through the entire crowd to the other side. All while singing his hit “The Other Side”. He shook hands, took quick selfies and hugged fans. 

Towards the end, the pace slowed down during the ballads, momentarily dampening the energy. However, Derulo quickly regained momentum, ensuring the audience remained engaged. The ending was a bit odd though….  While it was a nice gesture to bring everyone on stage for a thank-you moment, the decision to end the show with a playback of “Down” felt weird. He didn’t even sing anymore and literally just left the stage a few seconds after the song started. 

Nevertheless, it was still a memorable evening filled with great pop music and lots of dancing.

Overall, the Jason Derulo concert at Hallenstadion was a resounding success for me and probably many others too. The night was a testament to Derulo’s enduring appeal and ability to entertain. 

Concert Pictures: Jason Derulo @ Hallenstadion, Zurich 

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