Another day another concert, this week we got to experience Eric Nam in Zurich. Having heard about his electrifying performances, I was eager to see him live. What I didn’t know, is that Eric has some killer dance moves. 

I was ready for some K-pop excitement when I stepped into Halle 622 in Zurich for Eric Nam’s concert. Eric, who had previously performed at Komplex 457, moved up location wise. I was excited to see why we only get 1 Eric Nam per household (IYKYK) and why he’s the nation’s boyfriend. 

Sadly the venue wasn’t sold out, there would have definitely been some room for more people. But the ones that were there were for sure buzzing and excited. The crowd, primarily younger girlies, filled the room and made sure their vocal cords were ready. Before Eric took the stage, the opener Alex Porat warmed up the crowd with her infectious energy and talent, setting the stage for the main act.

Concert Pictures: Alex Porat at Halle 622

Eric Nam’s Charismatic Presence and Dance moves were ChefsKiss

When Eric Nam stepped onto the stage at 8:20, the excitement among the audience, particularly the young girls, was on a high. The atmosphere wasn’t as explosive as I had expected to be honest. But Eric’s charisma and killer dance moves kept the crowd engaged throughout the night. Every sway of his hips brought out cheers and screams. Moments like the collective rendition of “Happy Birthday” created heartwarming connections between Eric Nam and his fans.

Overall, Eric Nam’s concert at Halle 622 was a fun and memorable experience. Despite feeling slightly out of place among the predominantly young audience, witnessing the joy & excitement of the fans was a reminder of the magic of live music. While the energy may not have reached the levels of some previous K-pop shows, Eric Nam’s talent and stage presence ensured that everyone left with a smile on their face.

Concert Pictures: Eric Nam in Zurich

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