Another day another concert! Brad Paisley’s performance in Zurich was a testament to why he’s considered one of the greatest country artists of our time. As a fan of country music in Switzerland, it’s always a thrill to see artists making their way to our country.

Cowboy boots, flannel shirts, and cowboy hats were all over the Stettbach area last night. There were tons of people around, but somehow the show was not entirely sold out. Despite the venue not being entirely sold out, the general admission area was packed. It created an atmosphere that was both calm and chill but with some sprinkles of yeehaw vibes. While Swiss audiences may not be the most expressive, there was no denying the excitement in the air. While still quite reserved during the two support acts, Scott Scovill and Sierra Hull, the crowd warmed up by the time Brad was up. 

Concert Pictures Scott Scovill & Sierra Hull @ The Hall, Zurich 

Brad Paisley in all of his glory on The Hall stage

When Paisley took the stage, the audience slowly but surely got into the zone. The audience was a diverse mix of fans spanning different age groups, from old-timers to young enthusiasts. It was refreshing to see so many younger people up front. Of course alongside the more seasoned fans who’ve been following Paisley’s career since the late ’90s.

Engaging Entertainment: Paisley’s Musical Prowess and Humor

We knew Brad was a genius on his guitar, but he proved to be an exceptional entertainer. He added sprinkles of humor into his performance and kept the audience engaged with clever stage designs and background videos. Hits like “Wrapped Around,” “She’s Everything,” and “Ticks” had the crowd singing along, while unexpected treats like a cover of “Purple Rain” and the crowd-pleaser “Country Roads” added to the excitement.

Brad Paisley giving us Hilarious Audience Interaction

Paisley’s interaction with the audience reached a hilarious peak when he grabbed a fan’s phone. Then delighting everyone by posting a stage selfie on her Instagram. It was completed by a comical struggle with the German language settings. Throughout the show, Paisley’s charisma shone through, whether he was teasing his guitar tech not letting him grab his guitar, or telling us jokes. It was amazing to see him bring out telecaster legend Nacho Baños. Later he also invited Sierra Hull back on stage for a captivating duet.

Memorable Evening Filled with Country Magic

I’m grateful for the opportunity to see Brad Paisley up close and personal. I missed him at Baloise Session a few years ago, so the last time I saw him in London at the O2. Up in the nosebleeds. While the surprise visit of Keith Urban was mindblowing, concerts just hit differently when you get to see the artists up close. 

Massive thanks to Takk AB for bringing more country artists to Switzerland, and to Ticketcorner for ensuring we never miss out on the best shows. Here’s to more unforgettable nights like this one!

Concert Pictures: Brad Paisley @ The Hall, Zurich

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