I was very excited to get to take pictures of Zak Abel in Zurich! This show wasn’t just a long time coming (it was postponed after all)But it was also Zak’s Swiss debut at Plaza in Zurich. Even though the venue wasn’t sold out, it was nicely filled with eager fans anticipating a memorable night. 

While it took a couple of minutes for the venue to fill up, I really enjoyed the chill vibes. The atmosphere floating around while we were all waiting for the support act to take the stage was great. 

Charlotte Jane Warming Hearts as Support Act

Opening the night, support act Charlotte Jane delivered a stellar performance, warming up the crowd with her catchy songs and impressive vocals. Her set created an ideal atmosphere for Zak Abel to take the stage. From start to finish, the vibes at the Plaza were impeccable. 

Concert Pictures: Charlotte Jane in Zurich 

Zak Abel: Impeccable Vibes On and Off Stage

Zak Abel’s smooth and happy demeanor on stage really made everyone smile, it gave the audience such great energy. It really seemed like every single person in the room was genuinely having a great time. 

Zak is obviously a great songwriter, but he’s also a very fun entertainer. Telling us all about how and when he wrote his songs was very interesting and I personally love hearing what’s behind the songs. There were some more memorable moments too. A dance-off during “Dance With You” was hilarious. A fan named Liam clearly won the battle (sorry Julie), but it was Liam’s mom who stole the show, playfully demanding Liam’s prize to be “a kiss for Liam’s mom”. And she ended up getting a kiss and a hug from Zak, much to the delight of the audience cheering Liam’s mom on! 

Unforgettable Moments and Fire Set List

While Zak Abel didn’t perform my favorite song “Beautiful Life” (boooo!!)  the setlist was still fire, showcasing the range and talent Zak is bringing to the table. His soulful voice and catchy tunes has gotten him a small fanbase already, I can totally see it growing significantly. Despite the initial postponement, the long wait was forgotten as Zak Abel delivered a performance that made every moment worthwhile. The audience left with smiles and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with a newfound appreciation for the singer’s live presence.

The little sunflowers on Zak Abel’s sweater were a perfect reflection of the overall atmosphere – happy vibes and smiles all around. The concert left a lasting impression on me. I for one cannot wait to see him again! 

Concert Picture: Zak Abel @ Plaza Zurich 

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