With Picture This and Tom Gregory the audience at Komplex 457 in Zurich witnessed a dynamic co-headline tour this week. Just a day after their performance at Bierhübeli in Berne, both acts took turns captivating the audience. Scroll to the bottom to see all of our concert pictures of Picture This and Tom Gregory.

Tom Gregory kicked off the night, and there’s no denying his charm. Many of his songs have been played on local radiostation, having the fans singing along. Many fans in the crowd —especially the ladies—swooning and screaming. 

I have to admit, even though I did enjoy his set, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the energy on stage was a bit reserved that day. While I understand his music doesn’t necessarily scream for wild dance parties, it felt like driving with one foot on the brake. I am a bit biased though, as I have always really enjoyed Picture This’ energy and was hoping for a similar type of atmosphere during Tom’s set. 

But in hindsight, I should have known better. Listening to Tom’s songs, they do have a very different vibe to them. 

Concert Pictures: Tom Gregory at Komplex 457 

Picture This Takes the Stage: A Late Start, but Worth the Wait

As the transition to Picture This approached, I was surprised that some people actually left after Tom Gregory’s set. But those who stayed, myself included, were in for a treat, even if their set started a little late. Picture This burst onto the stage with a few high-energy songs that reignited the room. Ryan’s passion and energy was so contagious! Funny that he actually mentioned that he was feeding off the room’s energy. I’m sure this was the other way around!

This wasn’t my first rodeo with Picture This; it actually was my third time seeing them. From the intimate setting of Papiersaal to the arena vibe of supporting the Jonas Brothers, each experience has been a journey. Their transition from openers to headliners in decent-sized venues was a long time coming. Their songs, with their anthemic quality, are destined for massive sing-alongs in arenas for sure.

“Song To Myself” Just Hits differently live

The emotional highlight of the night came with the live performance of “Song To Myself.” This song, hitting way too close to home, showcased self-confidence and even mental health struggles not just fans deal with, but artists as well. Even if it seems like you’re alone with these feelings and emotions, you can be sure, someone else deals with the same shit. 

As the final notes faded away, my excitement still lingered, fueled by the promise of Picture This’ upcoming album. With recent releases like “Parked Car Conversation” setting the stage, the prospect of experiencing these new songs in a larger venue, surrounded by thousands of voices, has me counting down the days. Picture This’ ability to craft anthem-like songs will always fascinate me and I can totally see them perform in arenas to a huge audience – even in Switzerland. I am so ready for this and am excited to see what these guys have in store for us. 

Concert Pictures: Picture This @ Komplex 457

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