We’re happy to have taken many concert pictures of Marco Mengoni in Zurich. He definitely took Switzerland by Storm once again… Last night, Hallenstadion was flooded with thousands of Italians when Sanremo winner Marco Mengoni made a triumphant return to Zurich. So this was a night I would most certainly not miss! 

For those unfamiliar with this Italian sensation, Marco has always had a devoted following in Switzerland. However, after his recent success at Sanremo and Eurovision, his fanbase has grown exponentially. This show has drawn in new admirers from all corners. Mostly Italians from all around Zurich or even Switzerland. We’re happy to have been able to take many Marco Mengoni pictures in the past.

An Intimate Surprise at Hallenstadion

Embarking on his small EU tour, i loved seeing Marco perform at the grand Hallenstadion, known for hosting massive events. Having experienced his magic in smaller, more intimate venues like Volkshaus or The Hall before, this shift in scale was still a bit unexpected. The air buzzed with anticipation as fans, both old and new, gathered to witness Marco Mengoni on stage.


The moment Marco took the stage, it was evident that this would be an amazing night. The sea of fans, singing along to every song, created a magical atmosphere that transcended language barriers. As someone who doesn’t speak Italian, I found myself immersed in the emotion of the music, realizing that understanding the lyrics word for word is really not important or necessary. A great song will always catch my heart and feelings. That’s the power uf music!

Impeccable Italian Vibes thanks to Marco Mengoni

We all know that the Italians know how to throw a good party. But i have to admit Marco Mengoni’s fans stand out uniquely and positively. The Hallenstadion was filles with a laid-back vibe, where people simply reveled in the joy of the music. The audience, a diverse mix of older couples, younger kids with their parents, and everything in between, showcased the broad appeal of Marco’s music.

 As a self-proclaimed uber-emotional person, the show tugged at my heartstrings. Witnessing a multitude of fans cheering Marco made my eyes tear up a few times… The shared experience of music, uniting people, is a testament to the universal language of emotions. Marco’s ability to connect with the audience on such a deep level is what pulls me back every single time. This has been my 4th show of him actually, so there’s that. 

While Marco delivered all his chart-topping hits and his Eurovision masterpiece, I loved how he built in some great covers. From a soulful rendition of The Beatles’ “Let It Be” to snippets of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” Marco’s versatility and willingness to experiment showcased his great voice. LOVE IT! 

An Amazing Night with the “Italian Family”

In conclusion, the night was nothing short of amazing, spent with my “Italian family” I’ve found when I started going to Marco’s shows.  Even as we exited the venue, the melodies lingered in the air as many continued to sing. Marco Mengoni’s concert was not just a performance; it was a shared journey of emotions, proving that music has the power to unite hearts, regardless of language or background. I will always be back and Marco deserves yet another 12 points for this show in Zurich!

Concert Pictures: Marco Mengoni in Zurich