Another day another concert! Cigarettes after Sex brought their dreamy pop to Zurich and once again sold out the venue in a heartbeat. Known for their dreamy and melancholic tunes, this band has captured hearts worldwide with their unique blend of indie pop and ambient music.

First off, can we appreciate the “journey” this show took? Originally the show was announced for X-TRA. But when the tickets for Cigarettes After Sex’s concert sold out within minutes the show got moved to the larger Halle 622 in Oerlikon. They then went on to sell out this venue too, leaving many fans without tickets. The demand for tickets hinted at the band’s potential to fill even more substantial arenas, showcasing the growing popularity of their dream-pop sensation.

Unexpected Audience: A Diverse Mix at the Cigarettes after Sex show

Anticipation filled the air as fans, both young and old, gathered at Halle 622 for a night with Cigarettes After Sex. Hours before doors opened, some young fans already took their spots in front of the gates, hoping to get a good spot for the show. To my surprise, the audience leaned toward the younger demographic, with teenagers to mid-20s dominating the scene. A few silver foxes 😉 added a delightful contrast, proving that the band’s appeal transcends generational boundaries.

Minimalistic Magic on Stage

The show kicked off at 20:30 with no support. Us oldies definitely appreciated the early show 😂 We sure need out beauty sleep more than the youngins in the front rows… 

The stage at Halle 622 embraced minimalism, with a black-and-white backdrop screen and band members elevated on small risers. The lights, accompanied by occasional wisps of smoke, created an intimate atmosphere that perfectly complemented the band’s signature sound. Despite the simplicity, the stage design made the large venue feel like an intimate space. I need to point out one small effect that still caught my eye. At one point, the screen literally just showed some clouds and lightning popping up in between the clouds. It looked so real… Why did I enjoy this so much? 😀

Engaging Moments: From Apocalypse to Engagements

One unforgettable moment of the night was a couple getting engaged during the performance of “Apocalypse.” A sweet addition to the dreamy ambiance. Here’s to hoping their marriage doesn’t face any apocalyptic challenges! Congrats to the couple! 

The performance wrapped up in just over an hour, and to be honest, it felt like the perfect duration for me. While I absolutely love Cigarettes After Sex, I had a slight hesitation about whether a longer set would have held my attention. Their music is dreamy and beautifully melancholic, which I love, but as in so many situations, there’s a delicate balance. 

As the hype surrounding Cigarettes After Sex continues to grow, I’m sure they could fill even larger arenas in the future. The night at Halle 622 was a testament to their captivating presence and the universal appeal of their dreamy, beautifully sad melodies. Keep an eye on this band—bigger stages may be in their near future!

Concert Pictures: Cigarettes after Sex at Halle 622, Zurich 

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