It’s been a while since NF was last on tour in Europe. So his return was met with eager anticipation in Zurich. The show had been sold out for quite some time. Despite not conforming to the typical mainstream music scene, NF has cultivated a solid fanbase in Switzerland.

As I arrived at the venue, I couldn’t help but notice the long queue, wrapping around multiple buildings. It was clear that fans were enthusiastic about his performance. It took even longer than usual to get everyone inside the venue… 

8pm and it’s time for NF

Inside, the stage setup was straightforward – the stage had little boosters on each side of the huge stage. The drummer was set up smack in the middle a little elevated. He must have had a great view from there 🙂. The large screen in the background was accompanied by an array of lights. The audience, consisting of a mix of ages but primarily leaning towards the mid to late twenties, appeared relaxed yet excited.

The show began with a long intro, only seeing the drummer for a while. Cellphones galore up in the air waiting for NF to pop up. Once he did, the crowd responded with enthusiasm and loud cheers. The atmosphere was super chill and very pleasant. While I was only familiar with a few songs, one of them being “Let You Down,” I found his entire set really cool. NF’s emotional lyrics and intense stage presence held my attention throughout the entire night.

Raw Talent at Halle 622

The simplicity of the stage allowed NF’s talent to shine, and the visuals on the big screen complemented his music effectively. He connected with the audience through his music and interactions, creating a sense of intimacy.

In summary, NF’s concert in Zurich was a memorable experience. His solid fanbase, coupled with the anticipation surrounding his return to Europe, made for a successful evening. 

Concert Pictures: NF @ Halle 622

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