This week Louis Tomlinson took his “Faith in the Future World Tour” to Zurich and performed at Hallenstadion. It sure was a spectacle of nostalgia and loyalty. Many hardcore fans, dedicated to the core, had been camping out since Friday evening apparently. Just to make sure they got the best spot for the show. 

As expected, the audience was predominantly young and female, a reflection of Louis Tomlinson’s boyband roots. The energy was quite infectious, and the excitement was felt throughout the entire venue.

Before Louis took the stage, 2 support acts got to warm up the crowd. First up was The Academic an alternative rock band from Ireland. They had some very catchy songs that some fans in the front rows even sang along to already. 

Concert Pictures: The Academic at Hallenstadion 

Next up was the “The Lathums” from Wigan. They took the stage and immediately captured the audience’s attention. The crowd was already in the groove, singing, dancing, and clapping along to their tunes. It was evident that the anticipation was building… 

Concert Pictures: The Lathums at Hallenstadion

It’s time for Louis Tomlinson

Once the clock hit 9pm, the screams and volume level skyrocketed. I was very happy about my earplugs…. Once Louis finally stepped into the spotlight, the crowd went crazy. I think the last time I heard that much screaming was when Shawn Mendes played at Hallenstadion…. 

The huge stage allowed for a dynamic performance, but it also created noticeable gaps between band members. Nevertheless, the fans were ecstatic, singing along as if there was no tomorrow. I’m sure many of them immediately got transported back to the heydays of One Direction. Several fan projects added a personal touch to the show, hopefully bringing a smile to Louis’ face.

While Louis Tomlinson may not be the most incredible vocalist, his fans obviously couldn’t care less. The 1D memories and the loyalty of the fandom overshadowed any vocal imperfections. The excitement in the air was palpable, creating an atmosphere where the joy of being part of the moment far outweighed any critical analysis. At least for the “real” fans 🙂 traveling home, I did hear some more critical voices and was kinda glad I wasn’t the only one thinking the same. 

As an observer, and being kinda outside the fan bubble, the experience was enjoyable. Mostly because witnessing the passion of the fans was heartwarming and brought back many memories of my early fangirl days. So I completely understand and empathize with the intense feelings of those who were there. The loyalty and shared memories of the fandom make moments like these special, even if they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I probably won’t be seen at one of his shows again – sorry girlies, please don’t cancel me for saying this 😀

Concert Pictures: Louis Tomlinson at Hallenstadion