This year’s Zurich Openair was undoubtedly one for the books, filled with unexpected twists, and disappointments but also unforgettable performances. A lot happened over those few days, leaving attendees with a whirlwind of memories and stories to share.

One of the most shocking moments actually happened before Zurich Openair even started… Florence and the Machine canceled their performance on short notice. Fans were eagerly awaiting this performance, many traveled to be there, but unforeseen circumstances led to the disappointment. But health is always a priority, so most fans did understand and still attended the festival. The show must go on, and the Zurich Openair team swiftly adapted to ensure the remaining acts could shine and brought in local hero Faber. Maybe not an adequate replacement for FATM – but he did a great job, exciting loads of people and filling up the main stage quite nicely. 

Rain, Wind, Sunshine, and a canceled Zurich Openair Evening…

Mother Nature showed up and played her part too, as Thursday’s festivities were hit with a double whammy of rain and strong winds. Unfortunately, the weather gods had other plans, and the night had to be canceled halfway through. It was a tough call, and I’m sure the festival committee didn’t do so lightly, but safety always comes first, and the Zurich Openair team had their priorities in order.

But hey, a little rain can’t dampen the spirits of true music enthusiasts. After the initial setback on Thursday, the weather improved, and all other shows went on as planned. 

No Photos Allowed

Now, onto the headliners – the iconic Robbie Williams and the rock sensations, The Killers. But here’s the kicker – unfortunately they weren’t exactly camera-friendly. Robbie had a few chosen photographers approved, most were denied though. So no pics for us…  Same goes for The Killers.

And while we might not have any shots of Robbie or The Killers, we do have a collection of photos that capture the spirit of Zurich Openair. If you want to relive the experience or simply get a glimpse of what went down, be sure to check out the pictures from this year’s festival. They say a picture speaks a thousand words… I hope these pics do exactly that and show you the enjoyable, memorable experience that was Zurich Openair 2023. 📸🎶😊

ZOA Day 1

Zara Larsson

Bastian Baker

ZOA Day 2



Joji pics should be right here. Unfortunately we haven’t yet received approval from his management yet… 🙁

ZOA Day 3

Caity Baser

Pablo Nouvelle


Dermot Kennedy