It’s been a long time coming, but Ruel, the Australian singer finally made his way to Switzerland. Glad I got to see him perform at Komplex 457 a while ago, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing and hearing much more of him in the future. 

The scene was set even before the doors opened, with Ruel’s devoted fanbase lining up since early afternoon. These dedicated fans proved that they knew how to seize the moment.

But before Ruel got on stage, he had an amazing singer-songwriter warm up the crowd. Alex Vargas was invited to open the show and I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve seen this artist perform twice before and he makes me fall in love with his voice every time. If you don’t know him yet, please go give him a listen and 100% go see him live if you can!

Concert Pictures: Alex Vargas @ Komplex 457

Ruel’s Heartwarming Connection with Fans

Ruel offered a VIP experience that was pure magic. Acoustic serenades, candid Q&A sessions, and group photos – it was a dream come true for every fan. I loved seeing Ruel’s genuine connection with his fans. You could feel and almost see hearts coming out of some of the fans’ eyes <3 

Ruel’s fans proved to be the sweetest, showering him with gifts and love throughout the night. The bond between the artist and his fans was palpable.

Ruel delivers High Energy Show

Despite the show not quite being sold out, the venue buzzed with electric energy. You could feel the love in the room as fans sang along and reveled in Ruel’s set. Ruel himself was a force of nature on stage, making each fan feel special. From dancing to playing guitar like a pro. He even jumped into the pit, shaking hands, and getting up close and personal.

I really enjoyed the setlist too. It featured some of my personal faves like “GROWING UP IS___,” “Painkiller,” “MUST BE NICE,” and “Flames”. Ending the show with “I DON’T WANNA BE LIKE YOU” was a great choice. Even though you’re sad that it’s all over, this song keeps the energy up and lets fans end the night with an all-time high

I haven’t known Ruel for as long as some of his die-hard fans obviously, but I have learned a lot about him and his songs during this night. Seeing him perform live was an experience for sure. Witnessing the genuine interactions with his fans was heartwarming. As a former (who am I kidding, current) fangirl of many artists, I know just how much these moments mean to us.

Behind the Lens: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

I still can’t believe I had this opportunity, with a little – ok, no… a LOT of luck, I was asked to fill in for the “tour photographer for a day” Til (THANK YOU AGAIN TIL!) as he wasn’t able to make it to the show. So here I was, about to do something I’ve wanted for so long… It was quite the experience being able to shoot the entire show and having access to the stage for some shots too. Did I almost shit my pants before (pardon my french), thanks to crippling anxiety, low self-confidence and always being too hard on myself? Yes, yes I did… But did I enjoy every second of this opportunity and try my best to get good shots – hell yes! Capturing those shots was a thrill. Will I do it again if given the chance? Absolutely!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite shots from that night: 

Concert Pictures: Ruel @ Komplex 457

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