Another day, another concert… Zurich is once again getting flooded with pop-punk fans as Sum 41 take the stage at X-tra, bringing back all those nostalgic teenage memories. I’m sure we all had those Sum 41 songs stuck in our heads back in the day, right? 

Before the Canadian rockers took the stage, we had the Swiss duo Catalyst warming up the crowd. Although, not warming up was needed as the temperature in the venue was already 1000°C at that point. It was hot! 

Concert Pictures: Catalyst @ X-Tra Zurich 

Finally, with a small delay, Sum 41 opened their show a little after 9 pm, and man, the atmosphere was explosive in the best possible way! This show had been sold out for ages, and you could feel the anticipation in the air. And now that they announced they’re splitting up, this gig could’ve easily sold out twice over. People were stoked, but there was also this tense energy, unlike the very chill and laid-back vibe at the Simple Plan show the night before. This audience was a bit crazier for sure, even before the band started playing, beer was flying through the air! I had to take cover more than once, dodging those airborne beverages like a ninja. But the crowd erupted into pure madness once Sum 41 hit the stage!

Flying Beers and Crowdsurfer

Not only were drinks flying… There were crowd surfers throughout the entire show. Had to make sure I didn’t get hit by crowdsurfers feet when coming to the front. These guys seemed to have so much fun crowd surfing though. At some point in my life, I will want to do that too 😀

The energy was for sure electric! These guys might be in their forties, but you wouldn’t know it by the way they rocked the stage. The same goes for the crowd, I’ve never seen an audience this pumped up. When Deryck told them to jump, I swear everyone in the venue was jumping. And those folks down in the GA area? They were moshing like there was no tomorrow (my anxiety couldn’t ever handle that!). My body is already hurting just by looking at them… 

Of course, they played all the hits like “In Too Deep” and “Still Waiting,” but Sum 41 also threw in a sick cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Sleep Now in the Fire.” And you know they had to end the show with a bang, and that bang came in the form of their ultimate banger, “Fat Lip.” 

Sum 41 Announces Split but Promises One Last Tour

The announcement that Sum 41 was splitting must have hit the fans like a ton of bricks. But at least they said they’ll do one last album and one last tour. The tour dates haven’t been announced yet, but here’s the good news: that night, Deryck, the lead singer, said something like “See you next year” (or maybe it was “see you next time” – honestly, I can’t remember). But you get the point, right? Sum 41 might just be coming back for one last hurrah. Fingers crossed! 

Concert Pictures: Sum 41 at X-Tra Zurich