Another day another concert… Super excited I got to see and photograph Simple Plan at their show in Zurich. I’ve never seen them live before, but have only heard good things. I can now also confirm, Simple Plan is a vibe and I would go see them again! 

Going to this show was like stepping back in time and feeling like a teenager all over again! First up was Boy Bleach, the opening act. I gotta say, after catching them open for The Band Camino before, I wasn’t expecting the band to bring such a different vibe this time. Their crazy rockstar attitude was way more present and they really rocked the stage. While I enjoyed their entire set, their cover of Britney’s “Toxic” was still the highlight! 

Concert Pictures: Boy Bleach at X-Tra Zurich 

Feeling Like a Teenager Again: Simple Plan Rocks X-Tra in Zurich

Next in line was the one and only Simple Plan. The atmosphere at the venue was chill and full of good vibes. It seemed like everyone was just chilling and happy to be there – the great weather that weekend probably helped with the summer vibes. The crowd was a bit older, as expected, but we still had some young blood in the mix. And let me tell you, X-Tra got hot real quick, but that didn’t stop Simple Plan from bringing their A-game. Back in the day I wouldn’t have considered myself a “fan” as such, but I knew of Simple Plan and obviously knew their hit songs. I realized that night that I actually knew way more songs than I thought! 

They kicked off the show with “I’d Do Anything,” and I was already grooving, trying my best to snap decent pics (which, trust me, is not easy when you’re bopping your head to the beats and singing along, haha!). The temperatures at that point were already super hot, but the energy in the room was beyond cool!

A Show Filled with Good Vibes, Happy People, and Great Music

“I’m Just a Kid” was for sure one of my highlights, it had me singing along like there’s no tomorrow (I knew that song even before it blew up on TikTok – yay go, me!). Another song I have listened to sooo many times was “Summer Paradise”. The band unleashed huge beach balls into the crowd for this one. One lucky dude caught a ball that Pierre himself signed after it bounced around a bunch of hands. But I do have to say, I was a bit bummed they didn’t play “Untitled” (or did I miss it while putting away my camera?).

All in all, the Simple Plan concert was a blast though. Good vibes, happy people, and killer music that literally catapulted me back to my teens. You better believe that if Simple Plan comes around again, I’m there in a heartbeat (pun intended). 

Concert Pictures: Simple Plan at X-Tra Zurich