Another day another concert. This time we headed over to Komplex 457 to see Maggie Rogers. After having to postpone the show, she finally made it to Zurich and I’m super glad I got to see her… Again… 

Back in 2022 I actually got a glimpse of her set at Coachella. I think it was quite early, but I was literally just running from one stage to the other and just quickly stopped to see who was singing on the bigger stage at this time. So when I saw that she’s coming over for a headline show, I was excited to see what I missed 😂

Before finding out though, we all got to enjoy a really cool set by Del Water Gap. Lots of moving around and dancing was going on already. The crowd was super active too and already got into the mood. There were definitely some fans in the audience. I love it when the crowds actually know songs by the support act. And I do get it, the songs were catchy and Del Water Gap is very charismatic! 

Concert Pictures: Del Water Gap @ Komplex 457 

Then around 9 it was time for Maggie Rogers to take the stage. And let me tell ya, it was an exhilarating experience that left me quite surprised and buzzing. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect (those 2 mins at Coachella could have never prepared me). Maggies was up there and had the audience in her hands from the very start. Not only she was dancing up on stage, the crowd was super pumped and was jumping and singing along. The first couple rows were for sure packed with die-hard fans, I loved seeing them react to the songs and get all excited. 

Quality over Quantity goes for Concerts too 

Yeah, the show might have not been sold out, but I think the 900+ people that were there, really did everything they could to get a great atmosphere. Considering the Swiss audiences are usually rather reserved and quiet, these fans were loud! Hands were up in the air and you could feel the love for the artist in the air. It was really nice to see the interaction within the crowd, that was btw quite mixed. 

When Maggie Rogers can’t stop laughing

I loved to see the energy and grace that Maggie Rogers brought to the stage. Throughout the entire show, she danced with infectious energy, clearly showing us that she loves to perform. Not just her, the entire band seemed to have fun up there. I love seeing how they connected and just did what they do best – make great music. Their energy and enthusiasm was contagious for sure. 

As the set neared its end, Maggie suddenly started laughing out loud. Standing all the way on the side of the stage, I had no chance of seeing why she was laughing. Her laugh-attack was so cute though, very endearing and hilarious. She tried to explain the reason behind her laughter, but her infectious giggles kept interrupting her. It was a lighthearted and delightful moment that made her even more likeable. 

Maggie Rogers proved to be not only immensely talented but also incredibly charming and captivating. Her voice soared effortlessly, filling the venue with its rich tones. She looked super cute in her little dress and loved the haircut on her too! Overall, Maggie Rogers’ concert at Komplex 457 was an super enjoyable and I was happy I got to see an entire set. 

Concert Pictures: Maggie Rogers @ Komplex 457 Zurich