Another day another concert… After immaculate singer/songwriter and whisper-rock tunes by Joshua Radin on Monday, we got to enjoy chill Aussie vibes at Halle 622 with Vance Joy. 

Before Vance Joy got up on stage though, we got to experience an amazing support act! The super-talented and amazing Steph Strings opened the show and man, her skills are on another level. They left the audience (and myself too) in awe. Having seen her briefly without her guitar earlier at Zermatt Unplugged this year, I was pleasantly surprised by her. She creates absolute magic on her guitar, and now completely understand why she calls herself Steph STRINGS.

Concert Pictures: Steph Strings @ Halle 622, Zurich 

It’s Vance Joy Time

As Vance Joy took the stage, the mostly young and female audience erupted in cheers. I now know why, it’s easy to see. Not only are his songs incredibly catchy, he’s also easy on the eyes 😉 … Which clearly doesn’t hurt. Even though I hadn’t followed his career much, I found myself recognizing many of his songs and was actually able to sing along to a few of them. 

When Fans get to request songs!

The show wasn’t quite sold out, but that just gave the fans more room to breathe and dance. The room did create a super chill vibe. It felt like we were all sitting around a fire after a full day of surfing.

One of the highlights was when Vance Joy told us about this fan (I think her name was Marissa) who has apparently been around for a while. He met her outside the venue that day where she asked him to play her favorite song. And low and behold, he did. Announcing it with that story and telling everyone about her. I can only imagine how honored and happy that fan must have felt. This is the thing many fans dream about. It is such a “small” thing to do for an artist (not necessarily changing an entire setlist etc, but just recognizing and appreciating fans like this). But this can actually mean the world to a fan. So much love for Vance Joy for doing this! 

You could tell that the fans adore Vance Joy and the other way around too. The show seemed so personal and intimate, even though there were 2000+ people in the room. I loved seeing some of the fans in such a happy state, 2 girls behind me literally sang along to every single song. Seeing this kind of happiness and joy in people’s faces makes me so happy, as I can totally relate to feeling that way. 

Vance Joy’s vocals may not always be on point, but his cute and happy presence more than makes up for it. His songs make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and seeing him perform live was still a very special experience that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. 

Concert Pictures: Vance Joy @ Halle 622, Zurich