Another day another concert… This week we got to see Dean Lewis perform a sold-out show at Halle 622 in Zurich. Dean was just in Zurich a few weeks ago, but his fans apparently just can’t get enough of him. 

Fans had been lining up since the early morning hours in order to get the best spot up at the barrier. But before they got to see Dean, the support act on this tour took the stage. The singer-songwriter David Kushner seems to have a pretty decent following already as many fans already sang along to his songs.

Concert Pictures: David Kushner @ Halle 622

At 9pm it was time for the headliner. Dean Lewis was accompanied by a band this time. I think i usually saw him solo or with maybe a back up guitarist – not even sure. But it was a nice change to see more people on stage with him (not that he would need them though 🙂). Dean came up on stage with a swiss flag wrapped around him. This dude knows how to win over the swiss people! 

The stage design was impressive! All in all the show was quite different from the last shows I’ve seen. I usually see him in quite small venues like Papiersaal (400 cap venue), so seeing Dean in a sold-out 3500 cap. venue is quite different. While the audience was mainly young girls, a few moms, and “older” people also made it to the show. The atmosphere was pretty intense, with fans eagerly anticipating Dean’s performance. Apparently there was quite the “fight” and run for the front row and some even mentioned it felt like they were at a Biebs concert 😂

Dean Lewis Loves His Fans – And They Love Him

You could really feel how appreciative Dean is towards his fans. He kept thanking the audience for showing up – it felt very genuine and cute! The fans were ecstatic, and sang along so loud, I could sometimes not even hear Dean sing anymore. There were several signs that got held up during the show too. Dean read the signs, reacted to them, and even took a BeReal with someone’s phone. 

The performance was not without a few technical hitches, with house lights coming on unexpectedly during a Coldplay cover. But Dean Lewis could roll with the punches and put on a fantastic show despite the fully lit venue. He even took time to go off stage and shake hands and get very close to his fans in the front rows. 

While many fans obviously knew all of his songs, the most significant reaction came from his big hit songs, such as “How Do I Say Goodbye” or the banger “Be Alright”. The encore, “Waves,” was a highlight for me as that was the song that made me discover him. 

The Show Was Different – But Still Great!

As someone who has seen Dean Lewis perform before, I was still in awe of his genuine appreciation for his fans and their support. His vocals may not have aaaaalways been on point, but his overall passion and his talent shines through in every song. His lyrics are very honest and really do resonate with most people. 

The overall vibe was a bit different from the shows I’ve got to witness before. I do prefer to see him in a small and intimate setting, to be honest. But he somehow makes it work in a big venue too. You just have to love him! While the atmosphere was intense and almost explosive in the beginning, it settled down a bit, but the energy and excitement were palpable throughout. I highly recommend catching Dean Lewis live if you have the chance.

Concert Pictures: Dean Lewis @ Halle 622 Zurich