Another day another concert… Last night Tom Grennan kicked off his EU Tour in Zurich. And what a great start it was. Can you imagine, just a few days earlier he played a sold-out show at the O2 in London. Now we get to enjoy his fantastic music in a super small and intimate venue in Zurich. LOVE! 

While the entrance was delayed a bit, the fans were let in about 30mins late. This while the support act Flawes was still sound-checking. Poor guys were probably rushed like crazy to be able to somehow still keep the schedule. 

The 3 piece band has a really chill vibe. Their sound is quite poppy but has an edge to it. Some electro elements make the songs super “dance-able”. Shout out to the drummer Huss, for stealing the show. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a drummer smile that much and crush it at the same time – loved the energy! But of course, all 3 did an amazing job. I will definitely keep an eye open for them and hope they’ll be back in Switzerland soon for a headline show. 

Concert Pictures: Flawes @ Plaza, Zurich 

It’s time for Tom Grennan!

After Flawes warmed up the crowd, the stage was cleared pretty fast and everything was ready for Tom Grennan to do his thing. Just like I remembered from the last show I saw at Papiersaal, he got on stage and immediately connected with the crowd. There wasn’t much bla bla or talking in between songs – but in this case, it was totally Ok. He entertained 100% in every other way possible. 

Captivating Stage Presence

Tom’s stage presence truly was captivating. I’m pretty sure even people in the back were infected with his energy and power. Despite the front rows being mostly filled with rather young girls, the audience was quite diverse and everyone seemed to be having a great time. I love when an artist manages to pull in a crowd that is so mixed and different. It just shows how diverse and versatile the artist or rather his music is. 

Having had many hits, Tom did bundle a few songs together into medleys. Not sure how I feel about that, as my favorite songs didn’t get the full performance this way. But the medleys still sounded great and the transitions were made really well. Royal Highness and Barbed Wire are two of my fave songs and both were stuffed into the first medley.


High Energy and Meaningful Lyrics

Although the show wasn’t completely sold out, it was still well-attended and the energy level was high throughout the entire show. People were dancing along to the music and things got hot quickly in the venue. Tom and his band were full of energy and enthusiasm, which likely contributed to the overall positive vibe of the show. While most songs are rather upbeat and very high energy, he did sneak in a pretty stripped-down and slow song with “Here”.

As mentioned before, Tom Grennan has just played at the O2 Arena in London, a huge venue and for sure a venue that’s on many artists’ bucket lists. Love how Tom started to explain that at some point he wants to be one of the greatest musicians, that was his goal, and that even though he plays big shows now, he will never forget the small and intimate ones like the one at Plaza. 

Can Concerts Be Too Long? 

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end right? So by the time the clock hit 10pm, the show was already over and the stage was being cleared. I do hope that Tom and his band had as much fun as we had in the audience. I definitely think it was a worthy tour start. Even though it was just a tiny venue, the swiss crowd did deliver. We’re known to be a bit reserved and quiet, but considering the size of the crowd, I think we did quite well. 

For anyone going to see Tom Grennan on his tour, expect an energetic show with lots of dancing, great vocals, and great music. 

Concert Pictures: Tom Grennan @ Plaza, Zurich