Another day another concert 😀 Last night, St. Lundi ended his tour in Zurich with a great concert at Papiersaal. I love going to shows at Papiersaal, the venue is just so comfy, small, and intimate. It makes for a cozy atmosphere that allowed St. Lundi to connect with his fans and even try out new songs. 

Before St. Lundi took the stage, Swiss singer Gloria Amelia opened the show making sure to set the tone for the evening. Having “local” artists open for international ones is also a great way to support the Swiss music scene. 

Concert Pictures: Gloria Amelia @ Papiersaal Zurich 

At a little after 8.30 pm, the main act came on stage. His good friend accompanied him on the piano. Even though the room wasn’t super packed he was visibly grateful for the fans that showed up. The crowd was clearly enjoying themselves. It turns out quite a few have seen St. Lundi before, I’m guessing most likely during his opening set for Kodaline)

St. Lundi kept thanking everyone throughout the show, which was super cute and made him even more likable. He seemed genuinely happy! I love it when you can really see and feel artists being grateful for the people attending the shows. 

St. Lundi made everyone sing

As mentioned in the beginning, St. Lundi actually performed a few songs that haven’t even been released yet. I’ve been to many shows at Papiersaal and it really seems to be a recurring thing for artists to try out new material, of course, he took advantage of that. But obviously, also released songs were on the setlist. While announcing the next song was gonna be “Ready to be Loved” a loud gasp came from the crowd. I’m guessing that’s someone’s favorite song 😀The song was the perfect opportunity for a sing-along. The crowd joined in as their voices filled the room. I hope that fan that gasped so audible was singing along extra loud haha. 

As the evening went on, St. Lundi performed a few songs on his own, accompanying himself on the piano. During the entire show, he kept talking about his life, and how he grew up on a little Island. It made the atmosphere very cozy and we always felt very close to him. St. Lundi’s cute and very likable personality showed every minute of the show. Although his voice may have been a little off at times, it didn’t detract from the overall experience – which was very positive, comforting, and just in general super nice. 

Being thankful is key

One of the best things about seeing artists perform live is watching them enjoy themselves. St. Lundi’s genuine happiness and gratitude made the night even more special for me and probably everyone else too. Hearing him thank everyone several times, mentioning his pianist, his merch dude his photo/videographer, and even the promoter himself just shows how down-to-earth he is and how grateful he really is. 

He definitely has the potential to make it big in the music industry, and it was clear that his fans already adore him. In conclusion, St. Lundi’s concert in Zurich was a great way to end his tour and for us to start the weekend. The small and intimate venue allowed for a personal connection between St. Lundi and his fans, and his gratitude and positivity were infectious. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for St. Lundi and hope to catch him on tour again soon!

Concert Pictures: St. Lundi @ Papiersaal, Zurich