Another day another concert. This week I got to see Dermot Kennedy perform at The Hall – a venue waaaay bigger than where I got to see him the first time around. 

A lot has happened since last seeing Dermot Kennedy live. I had the pleasure to see him perform at Papiersaal back in 2018. While he was still a well-kept secret then, he is definitely an established artist now. 

But before he got on stage, he had American singer-songwriter Miya Folick open for him. The LA-based singer performed a couple of songs and warmed up the crowd nicely 🙂 

Concert Pictures: Miya Folick @ The Hall, Zurich 

By the time Dermot Kennedy was taking the stage, the venue was filling up a little. Around 2500 people found their way to The Hall to enjoy some nice singer-songwriter tunes. So the room was nicely filled with still enough room for people not to be crammed and having them dance and enjoy themselves. 

Dark Opening

Dermot was a couple of minutes late but had the crowd buzzing right away. The opening song was mainly performed in the dark with just one single light beam pointed straight down at him. Seeing him mainly in the shadows created an air of mystery and anticipation. The stage design though was amazing, and the huge screens that gave off colorful light when needed or inspirational words added to the overall ambiance of the concert.

Dermot Kennedy has a voice like no one else

Dermot has a crazy good voice, and it was apparent from the moment he stepped on stage. His voice has a unique and distinctive tone and is often described as raw, powerful, and emotive, with a raspiness that adds to its charm. He is a master of his craft in songwriting, and each song was a masterpiece in its own right. 

On stage, however, he was not a man of many words and let his singing speak for him. So if you’re expecting him to be ultra entertaining (in between songs) – you won’t be getting any of that 😀You’ll however get more raw emotions during the songs. So Dermot may not be an entertainer in the traditional sense, but he is undoubtedly a great musician. During the show he played the guitar and also the piano during his acoustic set, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

The fans seemed to have a great time. Up on the balcony, you could spot a few fans that were having the time of their life! Standing up, not giving a damn about what other people thought, and dancing the night away. 

In the back of the GA area, there was a group that clearly had a bit too much to drink – but they were friendly drunks through and through. Just vibing, dancing, and enjoying a night out. Dermot being Irish obviously attracted more Irish people – and we all know the Irish can drink 😀

In conclusion, the Dermot Kennedy concert at The Hall in Zurich was a great way to start the week. Great music, impressive vocal range, stunning songwriting skills and let’s say a better stage presence than the last time I got to see him 😁If you like to just enjoy great music with not much bla bla in between, you should go check him out while he’s still on tour. 

Concert Pictures: Dermot Kennedy @ The Hall, Zurich