Dermot Kennedy is coming back to Zurich! It’s been a while and a lot has happened since I’ve seen him last. Back then he was what I would say a well-kept secret – not too much of a secret though, his talent and his incredible voice did attract loads of people – he sold out Papiersaal in Zurich. 

It was the end of a rather long tour and as far as I remember Dermot wasn’t feeling 100%. He still powered through the show. Despite him not feeling too well, you could still really feel his powerful voice. So much soul but also darkness, the melodies can even be haunting at times. Imagine experiencing this kind of talent in such a small and intimate setting – bonus points for bringing along Sam Fender as support 🙂

Since seeing him perform at Papiersaal, his career took off even more. He’s become one of the most sought-after artists at this point and rightfully so. He is a master of his craft and seeing how his music connects to so many people – that is true talent! So, that being said, you should definitely go see him live! 

Details about the Dermot Kennedy Concert in Zurich 

Date: Monday 06. March 2023
Venue: The Hall, Zurich 
Doors: 18:30 
Start: 20.00h
Tickets: See Tickets
Promoter: Just Because 

If you enjoy heartfelt and emotional music, seeing a Dermot Kennedy concert is a must. His music will be sticking with you long after the show is over. Be sure to get your tickets soon before they sell out!

Dermot Kennedy, The Hall

Image source: Just Because