Here’s another great show coming up: All Time Low is performing at X-Tra in Zurich! Definitely another highlight when it comes to pop punk from back in the day. 

All Time Low actually posted a fun TikTok a while ago that fits the “back in the day” theme, have a look: 

Can you believe that All Time Low have been active since 2003? Unfortunately, I haven’t really caught on to their music until recently. So I’m extra happy I get to see them this year.

I’m looking forward to their catchy hooks and infectious energy, which their fans love them for. 

Their 2020 Album Wake Up Sunshine got me hooked, I listened to their song “Favorite Place” with The Band Camino on repeat. They recently also announced the follow-up album including the title track “Tell Me I’m Alive” and the single “Sleepwalking”. Very much looking forward to hearing those songs live! 

Details about the All Time Low Concert in Zurich 

Date: Thursday 23. February 2023
Venue: X-tra, Zurich 
Doors: 19:00 
Start: 20.00h
Tickets: See Tickets
Promoter: Just Because 

So, if you don’t want to miss out on this, you better get your tickets fast! You’ll be at the right place if you’re a fan of high-energy, catchy pop-punk music. From what I’ve heard and seen in videos, All Time Low captivates their audience with their infectious energy and engaging performance style. I know a die-hard All Time Low fan (hey Angie :D) and I’m sure she would agree with all of this 🙂 

Image source: Just Because