Gianna Nannini is bringing more Italian vibes to Zurich. Another night another legend you could say. I remember listening to Gianna Nannini as a kid, so it was super cool I got to shoot her show last night. 

Those of you who follow this page for a while, know, I don’t speak any Italian, but I absolutely love Italian music. There is so much passion and so many emotions in Italian music. It just hits differently.  So of course I was going to be trying out for this show.

Bello e impossibile

Actually, tonight she was bella and possible… Yeah no, I wanted to start this with fun wordplay, but that didn’t work. Anyways, Gianna might not be 20 anymore, but she still got it. From the very first second she set foot on stage, she was captivating. Again, I didn’t understand much, but I felt the music! 

Very odd though, the show was seated… I mean, same as the artist, the fans got older too, but this was supposed to be a rock show. Not only was it seated, but security tried to keep people from getting up. But good luck in trying to keep Italians on their seats… I think they gave up halfway through song nr. 3 haha. By around song 4 or 5 I think most people were standing and rocking out – just the way they’re supposed to…

This being my last show at Hallenstadion this year, I’m glad it was another legend. So without further ado, here are my pictures 🙂

Concert Pictures: Gianna Nannini @ Hallenstadion