What a great last show of 2022 for me. Billy Talent took the stage at Halle 622, brought along Frank Turner and Pabst, and got everyone rocking out! 

I just realized this might have been the last show for quite a few people. Glad I can say it was a special one and we all went out with a big bang. Before Billy Talent went on stage, we enjoyed some fun rock songs by 2 openers. One was the one and only Frank Turner. The other one was the Berlin-based band Pabst (who I unfortunately missed). The crowd slowly got warmed up for the main act. 

But first, here are a few pictures of Frank Turner

Concert Pictures: Frank Turner @ Halle 622, Zurich 

Shortly after 9.30ish, it was Billy Talent’s turn to take the stage. People rocked out from the very first minute and enjoyed the music. The atmosphere was energetic and lively. Billy Talent seemed in a great mood. It was nice to see lead singer Benjamin always keeping eye contact with the audience. This obviously added to the overall excitement of the fans. 

People were already singing along, dancing, and from what I could tell, moshing every now and then. The energy in the venue was quite fired up, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. It was nice not to feel like an old fart at a show; the audience was mixed, but I’d say most were more older or older. Lovely! 😀 It was all around a really nice evening, and I was glad I didn’t get multiple beer showers this time around….

Concert Pictures: Billy Talent @ Halle 622, Zurich