A while ago I had the chance to take pictures at the sold-out Cavetown show at Exil in Zurich. Did I know who Cavetown was? Nope… Did I enjoy the concert anyway? Absolutely. 

After looking up who Cavetown is and what he stands for, I was excited to see what the hype was all about. The show in Zurich had been sold out for a while, so there must be a bunch of fans even more excited than me. 

Cavetown’s breakthrough album Lemon Boy has helped him get a bunch of huge gigs, be it at the Reading / Leeds Festivals, Lollapalooza, and sold-out headlining gigs on his own tour. 

His songs are mostly mellow with a hint of indie pop/rock. His voice is very smooth and together with his sometimes almost melancholic but very soft music, it kinda feels like a very familiar and warm sound. It makes you feel comfortable.

Cavetown making the venue a safe space

Being comfortable is actually what I’ve experienced at the show too. We all may have been squished a bit because there were sooo many people in that room. But you could see and tell how everyone was happy and comfy. You could literally feel how this room was a safe place. No matter the ethnicity, gender, or age. Everyone I saw was enjoying themselves. 

Seeing them react to the songs, to the stories being told, and to how close Cavetown was and how much he reacted and interacted with the fans really warmed my heart. 

I know what it feels like to be a fan. And I know what it feels like to be in the same room with this person you adore and idolize. It’s a feeling you can’t quite describe, you can literally just feel it. Seeing all these mainly young fans there was super cool and made me so happy! It made me remember when I first saw my favorite artists, and how lucky I felt. And how lucky I still am, to be able to do what I do, see hundreds of shows, and travel to go to concerts. It made me realize once again how privileged I am… 

Anyway… Enough of that… Without any further ado, here are the pictures of that show. Oh, and also, Cavetown’s newest album “Worm Food” was actually just released a couple of weeks ago. Go have a listen. 

Concert Photos: Cavetown @ Exil