Another day another concert – this time it was Alvaro Soler at Halle 622. The venue was packed and it seemed like everyone was excited about some summer vibes. We sure need them, after all, the rainy and cold days 🙂 

It’s been a while since seeing Alvaro last… Back in 2019, I got to enjoy his tunes and photograph him too. Check out the photos here: Alvaro Soler in 2019

Before he took the stage, another german speaking Spaniard played some songs. Coincidence? Nope, Greg Taro happens to be Alvaro Soler’s younger brother. He played a solid set and seemed to have a bunch of fans already. 

Concert Pictures: Greg Taro at Halle 622, Zurich

By the time Alvaro got up on stage Halle 622 was pretty full and people were getting excited. It didn’t take long and everyone was dancing and having fun, just like it’s supposed to be at a show. Even though I only got to see the first 3 songs, I could tell that not just the audience was having fun. Alvaro, the band, everyone seemed super happy to be there… 

Concert Pictures: Alvaro Soler at Halle 622, Zurich