It’s almost time for Zurich Openair again! So excited that we get to enjoy amazing music again this year.  While many festivals already got their revival this year, a couple are still waiting to occur. Zurich Openair is going to be back next month. Need to know all the details? We’ve got you covered. 

My first time at Zurich Openair was back in 2019, as we know, that was the last time it took place too. So I’m all the more excited that the festival is taking place this year and is bringing us loads of great music. Have a look: 

Zurich Openair Line-Up

More Important Details about Zurich Openair

Obviously, ALL vital info can be found on ZOA’s Website, but we like to list a couple “good to know” things right here on our site, to give you a nice overview: 

Dates: 23. August – 27. August 2022
Tickets: Tickets for Zurich Openair there are Basic Tickets and VIP tickets – so choose wisely 🙂
Camping: is available, get your camping tickets here: ZOA Camping Tickets
Location/Venue: The festival will take place on a field close Glattbrugg/Rümlang/Airport, the “exact” address is: Flughofstrasse 21, Glattbrugg Zürich, Schweiz

Even though it looks like there’s not much around the festival grounds, you’ll always be able to get home – or at least to the city center 😉 You’ve got the tram station Bäuler within walking distance – a few steps away from the entrance, and the two train stations Glattbrugg or Opfikon that will bring you to your destination. Every ticket (except camping tickets) includes the round trip by train, bus, and tram in the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund ZVV (zones 110 and 121, 2nd class.