Finally got my camera gear back out and headed out to Lörrach for this year’s Stimmen-Festival in Lörrach. As I had to miss Jake’s gig at Zermatt Unplugged, I was super happy to be able to catch Jake Isaac @ Stimmen-Festival in Lörrach, which is literally just an hour away from where I live 🙂

Remember, during Lockdown last year I introduced you to him. I absolutely loved seeing Jake Isaac perform again. This time at Lörrach’s Stimmen-Festival! When he hits the stage, you can really feel the joy he has performing and his genuine concern for the people at the gig. He wants everyone to have a good time. Also, the way he cracks jokes and goes back to being serious to sing his songs is amazing. 

Jake Isaac @ Stimmen-Festival 

The gig at Burghof was rather short in my opinion (then again, they always are when you’re enjoying yourselves). We were able to dance and sing for only a bit more than an hour, unfortunately. But it was still worth the drive. The audience was sadly quite small. I guess the weather was just too good to be “stuck” inside. But the people that showed up were great. It was quite a mixed audience too, you could see some older folks just vibing but also a few younger ones. During the calmer songs, they were super respectful, didn’t talk, and really just listened and enjoyed the music. During the more upbeat songs, they clapped, danced, and sang along. It was very refreshing to not have babbling people disturbing shows. 

Unplugged Songs Are The Best!

I think Jake took his time and shook up the setlist a bit, to adapt to the rather small audience. After a couple of songs he grabbed his guitar and his cousin CeCe and just stood in the middle of the room and sang unplugged – literally 🙂 It was beautiful! He and CeCe sounded amazing, they harmonize as only family can. 

So all in all, a lovely evening with great people! I’m so glad live music is back, being able to see your favorite artists, taking in all the joy or even sadness from the songs, just enjoying yourselves, what a great feeling! I know I’m very lucky to be able to go to so many shows, I do appreciate it even more now… So let’s hope it stays this way. because I need to see Jake Isaac again 🙂 

Here’s a few concert pictures from last night: 

Concert Pictures: Jake Isaac @ Stimmen-Festival 2022