It was time for another show! So happy Daughtry finally found their way back to Switzerland for a headline show. It’s been a while… I got a photo pass for this show, which made the experience even sweeter.

Before Daughtry got up on stage Fire from the Gods, the Austin-based band made sure to warm up the crowd. Their music might have been a bit too 🤘🏼 for me personally, most of the audience was already bobbing their heads. Here are a few shots of their set.

Concert Pictures: Fire from the Gods @ Komplex 457

Right around 9pm, Daughtry took the stage. Lead singer Chris Daughtry starts out the set with his guitar – front and center. Lights were kept quite dark at this point. It made for a nice scene – not so much for us photographers though 😀 

While the venue stated that tonight’s genre was “metal”, I can confirm that Daughtry has not moved into the metal scene 🙂 With their new album “Dearly Beloved” being a bit more on the hard-rock side, the show was a tad rockier than I remember the last show being. With that being said, it was still a great show and entertaining. 

Acoustic Songs on Electric Guitars

From earlier shows on this tour, I knew that some songs will be performed in a more acoustic setting. I was looking forward to those! Chris Daughtry then mentioned, that his acoustic guitars didn’t make it to Switzerland (I wonder if they got lost – dear god I hope not – or if this was the plan all along ;-)), so there he was, playing “acoustic songs” with an electric guitar. I have to say, it sounded really good though. As much as I like loud rock songs, I did enjoy the quieter songs a bit more. Just Chris and his guitar and of course his amazing vocals. He is known to have some pretty strong pipes, but hearing him sing all these songs – especially the louder ones, was quite the experience.  

The crowd was very respectful too during those calmer songs too. I do have to mention, there were not as many people as I expected. I would say around 500 people found their way to Komplex 457. Makes me a little sad to not see more fans there. But then again, the show was announced quite recently, so there wasn’t much time to promote the concert. Also, with other shows being moved 2-3 times since the beginning of the pandemic, there could have been some clashes in a lot of people’s agendas. I know I had 3 shows that night and had to decide which one I wanted to go to…

Daughtry brought a nice vibe to Zurich

Despite the rather small crowd, I still enjoyed the atmosphere. The audience was quite mixed, there were some younger kids there but also a few older folks that I wouldn’t necessarily have pictured there. All the more fun to watch them enjoy the show. It seemed like a lot of people there were really just vibing and in their own little bubble. It wasn’t a rowdy or suuuuper loud crowd, very laid back but engaging. Of course, Chris’ charming self helped a lot. He was out there and engaging with the fans from the very beginning. At some point, it looked like he even went in for a quick bracelet exchange with a fan. How cool is that? I’m sure that girl will remember that show forever! 

Are Daughtry tired of singing the old songs? 

Questions like that are usually answered with: nooooooo… Chris however was pretty clear: YES! Buuuuuut… There was a but. And I actually quite liked his answer. He might get tired of singing the old songs over and over again, but he enjoys it even more having the crowds singing the songs back to him. And honestly, I totally get it 🙂 It must feel amazing to have hundreds or thousands of people, singing YOUR songs, word for word. So that’s exactly what we did when Daughtry started to perform the hit song “Home”. Considering the size of the crowd, I think we did quite well 🙂 

Next Time – Bring your Friends!

Before Daughtry ended their set, Chris thanked everyone that came to the show. I guess he realized quite early on that the audience was not as packed as they’re probably used to, but also acknowledged that we’re still in odd times and that now that the world is opening up again, there must be looooots of other events going on and that next time, we should all bring our friends 😀 

I for one will be doing that for sure. So let’s cross our fingers that Daughtry will come back to Switzerland for a headline show again. I’ll keep you update here 🙂

Concert Pictures: Daughtry @ Komplex 457 Zurich