I never thought I was going to be able to see Daughtry again outside of the US. But here I am, excited to write this post. The band I have listened to for so long is finally coming back to Switzerland, and this time I won’t have to travel to another city to see them!

It’s been a while, but I do remember it quite vividly. Daughtry opening for Nickelback, in Basel. I was not interested in Nickelback at all, but I got myself a ticket and drove to the forbidden city 🙂 More than glad I don’t have to do that again. 

Daughtry rose to fame after lead singer Chris Daughtry got into the top 4 of American Idol. With their 6th studio album “Dearly Beloved” they are now coming back to Europe. 

Details about the show

Date: 07. June 2022
Venue: Komplex 457, Zurich
Doors: 19.00h
Start: 20.00h
Promoter: Good News

In case you need a little reminder who Daughtry are, check out this “oldie” (but goldie):