So here I was, waiting for Yungblud to take the stage. Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the show. But I can now say, this was one of the shows I won’t forget any time soon. After being deprived of live music for so long, I have told myself to go to every show I somehow can. Even if it might not be 100% my type of music…. 

I have a bunch of friends who told me I need to see him Yungblud live… I’m glad I listen to my friends. 

But before Dom (Yungbluds real name) took the stage, the Nova Twins warmed up the crowd – not that anyone was actually cold. It felt like 60° anyway. The Nova Twins put on a super energetic show. The crowd was into it! 

Concert Pictures: Nova Twins @ Halle 622, Zurich 

Bloody Yungblud 🙂

Not sure what happened, but it seemed like Dom really was living up to his stage name. He is young, and he had a bloody leg 😀 Not sure how that happened, but it didn’t hold him back, not even a little. 

Not only the crowd was super excited and pumped up. I don’t think I’ve seen Dom stand still for more than a few seconds. The legendary jumps were terrific to capture, while him running left and right turned out to be a bit more tricky 😀 

Yungblud was on fire 

Almost literally – during the very first song there was fire shooting into the air making us all feel about 200° hotter than we already were. Not sure if my eyebrows are still there 😀

Starting out with “strawberry lipstick” was a great choice, I could tell the audience was captivated already. The following songs were more of a blur for me to be honest, I was so concentrated to try and get Dom on my camera. But I felt the love and excitement from the crowd behind me. The audience was predominantly female, esp. up front, but there were a few guys too, age-wise, I’d say mostly kids in their 20s. But a few older ones snuck in too. I love when older folks come to shows like this. Not expected, but even more, fun to see them rocking out. 

Catchy tunes and middle fingers

The songs Yungblud performed were all super catchy and even got me jumping around at some point (if you know me, you know it takes a lot for me to actually jump :D). I’ve started to really enjoy watching the audience react to the show. Being an emotional person myself, I love seeing the die-hard fans be sooo in awe and enjoying themselves so much. It makes my heart happy to see people still go out and immerse themselves totally into live music and concerts. 

Songs like Fleabag really got the crowd going. At some point, there were hundreds of middle fingers up in the air. I missed why, but it felt right, so my finger went up too 😀 

But Yungblud isn’t just your usual pop/rock punk dude screaming at people. He’s known to stand up for what’s right. In his songs, he often speaks up about capitalism, and sexism. He’s definitely an LGBTQ-ally. You could see that in the crowd too <3 

One of my highlights was when the stage lights dimmed down, with only one spotlight on Dom. He then started to play the guitar and performed “Kill Somebody”. The energy was still high, but before screaming the lyrics back at him, the fans listened and enjoyed the song. 

Feeling the Yungblud Love

As a person that can fangirl hard, I really do get how all his fans feel. I’ve had the chance to talk to some of his fans, and they all confirmed, that he really cares about them. And I think you can really see that when he interacts with them – not only on stage but off stage too. After all, he is practically still a kid himself, and going through the same emotions and experiences most of his fans go through too. 

One thing he said that night stuck with me. It’s a sentence I’ve heard a million times before, but somehow it hit different: 

Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough


While it can be hard to do so sometimes, I would have loved to have someone I look up to say something like that when I was younger… Thank you Dom for looking out for your fans – it KNOW it means more to them than you will ever know 🙂 

Dom also snuck in a cover of “I Think I’m Ok” by Machine Gun Kelly – love his version! Time literally flew by, this show was so well thought out, with great lighting, a nicely chosen setlist, and of course, all the pyro made this a super entertaining concert. Shortly after 10 pm, Dom left the stage, only to – surprise surprise – come back for the encore. 

It’s been an amazing evening and I was super glad I got to experience this. From a photographer’s view, I have to say it was hands down the BEST show I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. Yungblud is a whirlwind of a performer and sometimes it’s tricky to get good shots, but shooting these kinds of shows is so exhilarating and exciting! 

And one more thing. Yungblud has a new album coming out in September! You can preorder it right here: Preorder Yungblud The Album

Concert Pictures: Yungblud @ Halle 622 Zurich