OneRepublic in Zurich

OneRepublic finally made it to Zurich again. It was worth the wait too. A week or so ago, we were a bit unsure if the gig will happen, as lead singer Ryan Tedder got sick and the band had to cancel or postpone a few shows. But we got lucky and Ryan seemed to be a lot better by the time the Zurich date rolled around. 

It was a Monday night, but that didn’t hold back around 10k fans that came to the show at Hallenstadion. OneRepublic still got it! Before they took the stage, Jessia warmed up the crowd. 

OneRepublic – every song is a hit! 

It sounds weird, but it is absolutely true. Pretty much every song they perform is a hit. Haven’t checked the stats, but everyone is probably a top 10 hit. I don’t even listen to the radio anymore, but still, I knew all the songs. 

OneRepublic in Zurich

In between their originals, Ryan Tedder started singing some of the hits he wrote – and man did he write some bangers! He was name-dropping a bunch and low-key bragging, but I guess if you write these kinds of songs, you’re allowed to be a bit cocky 😉 

Zurich’s OneRepublic Choir

During their first big hit, “Apologize”, the crowd was split into 3 parts and were told to sing and basically build a choir. Apparently, we were the best choir… It didn’t sound bad, but IMO, considering the number of people, I did think it was a bit quiet, but Ryan was sure – Zurich was amazing. Ok. I wonder if every other city they played in, was amazing too 😉

OneRepublic in Zurich

Either way, the show was great! So many good songs. Songs to dance to, songs to sing along to, and songs to enjoy. Thank you, OneRepublic for making us all feel alive again. 

Concert Pictures: OneRepublic @ Hallenstadion Zurich 

A little sad we were only allowed to photograph from FOH, but I was still super happy that I got to photograph at all 🙂