There’s no better way to spend a Saturday night than with a Joshua Radin concert in Zurich. It’s been way too long and you guys know how excited I was about this. Then also having had the chance to photograph the show – cherry on top! 

Before Joshua Radin took the stage, he had Clara Louise open up the show for him. She did a great job despite the sound not always being on point. There was some echoing from her guitar, but she powered through it like a champ. Loved her cowboy boots and the little country influences in her songs. 

Concert Pictures Clara Louise @ Papiersaal 

Song Requests and dropped coins

Joshua Radin took the stage a little after nine. As usual, he opened the show with one of my all-time favorites “No Envy No Fear”. Every time he steps away from the mic I get chills. Many might talk about him as the king of “Whisper Rock” but he can do way more than just whisper 🙂 

While singing lots of older songs and taking many song requests, we got to hear a few new ones too. The highlight was definitely a brand new one that hasn’t even been recorded yet. Joshua was in a good mood. Not only did he let fans request songs to play, seeing as Switzerland is so neutral, he figured it was a good idea to find a swiss girl to marry 😀 I guess you are in a pretty decent position with a Swiss passport… 

When the audience actually listens to the music <3

Something I also want to mention, this time around the audience was amazing. The show wasn’t quite sold out but despite the wonderful summer weather and a thousand other concert options that night, the people that found their way to Papiersaal were extremely respectful. During previous shows, there has always been a lot of chatter – which I will never understand. Why pay money to see artists and then talk all over them? This night was different. At times you could (literally) hear someone drop a coin on the floor – that’s how quiet it was. 

While the audience was super quiet when they should be, they did turn up the volume after the songs. I was surprised that for the number of people, the cheering and clapping were quite decent. So all in all, I wasn’t just in love with Joshua’s performance, but also with the audience. So many smiling faces and even a birthday girl in the crowd – so here’s my shoutout to the mom in the front row that got to celebrate her birthday with her daughter and an amazing show 🙂

This might not be the regular concert review – to be honest, even though I soak up everything at Joshua Radin’s shows, I hardly remember some details – I try to immerse myself completely. Either way, here are a few (ok a lot – I went overboard) pictures of last night. 

Concert Pictures Joshua Radin 14.05.2022