Billie Eilish is not just for Gen Z! You read that right… Just like many others, I also thought Billie was just for the young kids. But after seeing her perform live twice, I can confirm, that is not the case. I experienced her at 2 different festivals, one of them being Coachella just a few weeks ago.

I just recently saw Billie Eilish live at Coachella and even though I was in the veeeeery back and probably had like 100k people in between the stage and myself, I was hooked from the very beginning. Billie knows how to engage with her fans (let’s not talk about the deafening screams though, I don’t know how her hearing is still functioning :D), she puts on an incredible show and you can tell, how hard she works for every single performance. 

After seeing her documentary, I respect her even more, not just as a musician, but as a person. Please go check it out, it will shed some light on why she is the way she is and how great and incredibly professional she is, even at her still very young age.

Details about the show: Billie Eilish in Zurich

Date: 02. July 2022
Venue: Hallenstadion, Zurich 
Doors 18.00h
Start: 19.30h
Tickets: Ticketmaster 
Promoter: Live Nation

As most of her shows, the one in Zurich is sold out already – but keep your eyes open for any contests.

I know, it’s weird posting a recommendation for a show that is already sold out, but honestly, I just want to put out the word. Yes, Billie Eilish is hyped up by almost every media outlet on this planet, but I guess whoever reads this, knows either me or my taste in music and can hopefully trust my judgment 😀 Billie is more than just a kid with weird music. Actually, the more I listen to her songs, the less I think it’s weird. Technically they are, from what I can tell, incredibly well written and produced. And knowing how and where most of her older songs were recorded, all I can say is: DAMN!

So go check out her documentary and keep your eyes peeled for tickets. I’m sure there will be some contests closer to the date. 

In the meantime, here’s her part of her performance from Coachella 2022