This year’s Musikfestwochen actually happened! A real-life music festival in times of Covid – who would have thought?! The festival didn’t happen at its usual location and there were a few changes made in entry/ticketing etc. Despite all the changes, it was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves after.

I’ve been to the Musikfestwochen a few times, but this year I was lucky enough to have been part of the official photographer team again. I’m very thankful for this opportunity – not only was I able to dust of my cameras again, I also discovered new artists that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have seen or even heard of. So big thanks to Andrin and the MFW Team for having me.

Changes for the Covid-Edition of Musikfestwochen

As mentioned, changes have ben made to the festival. It was still taking place in Winterthur, but not in the iconic Steinberggasse also known as “Steibi”. This year the different stages were spread out within the city in 2 different parks and 1 parking lot 🙂 Many were worried that the atmosphere and all-around feeling will be different from previous years. And yes, of course, it was. But I personally think it was different in a good way. Sure, it wasn’t the same as at Steibi – obviously, that location is so unique. But the organizers found amazing locations for this year and with all the decorations and lighting, it still gave us all an incredible feeling – our new normal.

As always, there was an extensive FREE program over the first 9 days of the festival. But, in order to follow all the covid restrictions and rules, everyone needed to get tickets for the concerts. The ticket itself was free of course. At the entrance, everyone had to show the covid certificate to ensure people entering the venue were either vaccinated, had a negative test result or has been recovered from covid recently. These were the main changes this year. Pretty straightforward and I believe necessary as well as understandable regarding the situation in Switzerland.

Line-Up of this years Musikfestwochen              

Yes, the line-up might not be as exclusive as other years. But considering what the event/live music industry had to go through these past 1.5 years I think MFW did a great job. They’ve always had loads of local and up-and-coming bands, even pre-covid. But it feels like there were, even more, this time around. There were mainly Swiss, German, and Austrian acts – those who know me, know that this would have been a nightmare for me 😀 But honestly, I was just happy to be able to take pictures again and listen to live music.

Emotions going wild in Winterthur

It’s been a long time… You could literally feel the excitement and the emotions running high. I loved seeing all the happy people. I tried to capture the emotions as well as possible. So here are a few shots of all the MFW visitors.

Fans, Atmosphere and Emotion Pictures

Livemusic is back! Thank you Musikfestwochen

And now, here are a few shots of all the shows I got to photograph. I am definitely out of shape when it comes to all the settings haha I struggled a bit, but I think I did get a few good shots 🙂

Concert Pictures