When I discovered Sam Fischer, I had no idea how much his music would help me through the pandemic. I discovered his banger “This City” just shortly after Switzerland went into the first mini-lockdown. It wasn’t the city that broke my heart, it was the entire world being shut down, the event/music business coming to an abrupt halt and me being locked up at home.

Like so many others, Sam Fischer, originally from Australia headed over to LA hoping to kickstart his career there. Did it work out for him right away? Nope, unfortunately, the entire LA experience wasn’t quite as exciting as one would hope. Did he give up? Hell no! And it was worth it. Here you are, reading a swiss music blog. Me, getting myself up to write again, I haven’t done so in a while, but I think for a talent like Sam Fischer, I need to get my creative writing juices flowing again (I have no creative writing juices whatsoever – but it sounded cool to write :D). So here’s a new artist portrait for ya!

Sam Fischer Artist Portrait Loads of Music
Photo credit: Frank Fieber

Who is Sam Fischer?

Sam is a 29-year-old Australian singer-songwriter. He’s been writing songs for years, but only after attending the Berklee College of Music, he experienced actual musical “recognition”. After graduation, he made his way over to LA, where he still lives today. He started out as a typical struggling artist, had odd jobs like delivering meat pies. After a while, he ran out of money, couldn’t pay rent, and started couch-surfing and slept in cars. Then, the big break… Or so he thought. He was signed to an indie label! Only to get dropped again without ever releasing a song. At that time, he’s already been working on a gem that later would absolutely kickstart his career and open many more doors.

This City – Sam Fischer’s big break

The song that best describes Sam’s hardships and experiences when moving to LA. LA didn’t welcome him with open arms. As so often, painful experiences make for the best songs. This City became a hit on TikTok, where I actually discovered it. But even before releasing This City, Sam started to collab with other artists, sang backing vocals, and wrote songs that were more in the dance-pop genre. This then opened more doors in the songwriting business. He’s been now writing for artists like Ciara, Demi Lovato, Keith Urban, or Andy Grammer. Talking about Demi Lovato…

During the pandemic, Sam Fischer kept live streaming and interacting with his fans. It was great to see the appreciation he has for his fans and followers. Often replying to and liking their tweets. This makes my “fan” heart happy!

… and then there was the song with DEMI LOVATO and a headline tour!

2021 was off to a good start for sure. In February Sam released “What Other People Say” a beautiful pop song with superstar Demi Lovato, who also had the song placed on her own album Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Starting Over.

Then, out of the blue, the Montreux Jazz Festival announced their line-up – and you guessed right, Sam Fischer was on it! My live music-deprived brain went into overdrive, I booked a hotel while not even having a concert ticket yet. Later on, I realized I wasn’t even in Switzerland that weekend – but in the end, it all worked out. Got my ticket, changed my plans for the weekend, and am now just counting down the days.

Shortly after the MJF excitement, Sam announced his first headline tour! He’ll be touring some major cities in the US and even coming over to the UK too. Check out his website to find all the dates. At this point, some are already sold out or close to being sold out, so you better hurry!

Sam Fischer Artist Portrait Loads of Music
Photo credit: Louis Browne

Go follow Sam Fischer

Make sure you give Sam Fischer a follow on all of his socials. That way you won’t miss anything and will know when he’ll be playing anywhere close to you.

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And today Sam’s brand new music video to “Pick Me Up” just dropped, have a look:

Photo credit featured / title picture: Frank Fieber