It’s been a while, but I’m happy to say, I got to do this interview with Patrick Droney, an amazing singer/songwriter this week. His brand-new single “State of the Heart” is out TODAY! So go have a listen while reading this article 🙂

Yes, that new song is a bop, right? I totally agree. Also, have you seen the video of this song? There’s a surprise for all PLL fans too ;-). Anyways, I’m very glad I got to chat with Patrick Droney. Some of you may know him through his song “High Hope” some may not know him. But this is about to change. This guy reminds me a bit of Gavin DeGraw and John Mayer, not just voice-wise, but also in the way he plays guitar. Mesmerizing to say the least!

Interview with Patrick Droney

Interview with Patrick Droney

Hi Patrick! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. How are you doing?
It’s a pleasure, thanks for having me. I’m doing well, I was just telling Mollie (his label rep) I finished all the mixes for my album and today is like the first day I can just be here. So it feels really good!  

So, we’ll start out easy! For those who don’t know you, how would you describe your music?
New Classic. So, something that’s like pulling from a different era, classic kinda pop music, but with a fresh stint on it. Yeah.

You shared satges with with legends and worked with people like B.B. King, James Brown, etc. Is there someone else you would love to play or work with?
Oh, with so many! I think that collaboration is the point of all of this. For me, the most joy is to share music with other people. For me, as far as icons go, I’d love to make music with Springsteen! Or of course Joni Mitchell.

Interview with Patrick Droney

You’ve started quite early with your music, looking back, what was your biggest challenge in becoming who you are now, as a musician? 
It’s a really unique experience to find your passion at a very young age and to know what you want to do, and not know how to get there, but know you’re going to. The thing is, the hardest part is patience and understanding along the way that this is not meant to happen fast. For a songwriter, you have to live to write songs. For me, it’s just been about a 17-year journey to the beginning, and this album really is like my beginning. So yeah, the hardest part is the patience but also the most rewarding part now, because I feel so in tune with who I am and why I’m here.

Was there a specific time in your life where you thought to yourself “this is going well, I think I’ll make it in this business”?
I think, because I’ve done it in different eras of my life, so when I was a kid it was like “I’m on stage with B.B. King, he’s my hero and I’m here!” And then there are many years of questioning. And another year I got to put out my EP in 2018 and I played on Late Night with Seth Myers where I’m like “I’m on TV and my parents are in the audience” That was a moment we could all share. There were a few of these points along the way. My younger self would be really proud at this moment right now!

You did get awards and recognition at a very young age, for example, the Robert Johnson Star Award. Which obviously is a huge accomplishment, but to you, was that putting on more pressure? Could you say it was more of a blessing or a curse or a bit of both?

You just mentioned yourself, that you’re not playing that typical blues-guitar music anymore. Of course, you can hear the influence, but what made you go more into pop?
Growing up as a young guitar player, I love blues music. Also, my dad, who is a huge part of my musical landscape, would equally show me the importance of songwriters, like the Joni’s, the Bruce Springsteen’s and the Jackson Browne’s, etc. I immediately realized then, that I want to tell stories and it was just over time you find your unique way of saying and doing things. I felt like the songwriter in me gravitated more towards melody. And it was like, how do I tell a story that in a way that Nr 1: sticks with people, and also challenge that construct, that sound is not on the radios yet and I think there’s a massive space for people to be engaged with stories and songs again and having musicality around it. And that’s what I’m trying to do.  

I think with your new single “State of the Heart” you’ve got something really good. When listening to it the first time, I was like: This is different – but really great! Your previous songs were all more on the mellow and laid-back side, which I personally love, but this new song is very upbeat. How did that happen?

What do you want people to feel when listening to your new single “State of the Heart”? 
So, State of the Heart is also the title of the album that’s coming out later. So State of the Heart is just as much a theme as it is an idea of a song. It’s the idea that we all live in different states of heart. And the state of heart can be a place where you were once at or a place that you are in emotionally. And this song, if anything, is to help people feel understood. We’re not the only ones to have lived the story, we all share this. So yeah, I just hope that people feel a little bit more understood in their journey because we’re all just trying to figure it out.

There’s a famous actress in your video for “State of the Heart” 🙂 How was it for you to work with Lucy Hale?
Oh, it was brilliant, Lucy is just so magic on screen and to be working with an actress of that caliber really helped me to rise to the occasion in that video. For me I can emote these songs because I sing them, it’s tangible. But to be human out loud, as an actress, where she just captured these emotions and suddenly, she’s crying! That was very humbling and I have so much respect for her and so grateful to have her for this video, she’s a great friend. Just what a great blessing!

Fan Questions for Patrick Droney

Sandra: During this pandemic, how did you cope with not being able to play live? 
Yeah, that’s so hard! It has been just an exercise in reacquainting myself with Patrick, not just “Patrick Droney”. Reminding myself that there is more to life than this grind and the chase. Playing shows is such a cathartic experience for me and I realized it’s a release of my emotions. I did a lot of self-work and also it just gave me time to make this record and to really engage with my fans in a way where I felt like: ok, if I can’t go see you in person, I want to try and give you the most of my on this record. I think that’s why this album is also so special to me.

Nicole: Have you ever thought about recording with a big orchestra?
We have a few pretty incredible arrangements around some songs that already exist that we’re working on. And maybe in the fall-time, we’ll have some different versions of stuff coming out.

Simon: What venue is on your bucket list to play
I definitely want to get to Switzerland and play! I think Red Rocks in the States is a great venue, so beautiful. Just to have a summer night with a full crowd or the Greek Theater in LA. But honestly, to me it’s like to be able to go overseas and play my music is really special to me and it’s what I’m really looking forward to. And I appreciate it so much to be talking to you and have your readers even ask questions, it’s brilliant.

Quick Fire Round

(Usually there would be more sentences, but I ran out of time!)

When looking back on my first live performance, I think… Thank you, dad! It was an open mic, and I was either gonna just play guitar, or I was going to sing. My dad said you can either be the side man or THE guy, it’s up to you. I then said: I think I want to be THE guy! So I sang, I had this squeaky voice as a kid, but that was when I decided I want to try and do this thing. So I just think of my dad.

That’s a really nice memory! So that was it from my side. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. I really hope you’ll make it over to Switzerland as soon as you literally can or are allowed to!
Yes and until then, thank you for supporting and being here with me early, I really appreciate it and I’ll see you soon!


So happy I got to do this interview with Patrick Droney! Make sure you give Patrick a follow on his socials, you will not want to miss anything about him. I think he’s definitely an artist to watch out for!

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