Our “Lockdown Series” is over, but that doesn’t mean we’ll go silent again. There are so many more artists I want to introduce you to. And since there are still no concerts happening, I’ll try to introduce you to more artists I really like. Today it’ll be The Band Camino.  

The Band Camino isn’t necessarily unknown, on the contrary, they’ve got quite a big fanbase already and have brought out a few bangers! But sometimes in Europe, it just takes a bit longer for bands to breakthrough.

Who is The Band Camino?

The band consists of 3 members at this time: Lead singer Jeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart (guitar and vocals) as well as Garrison Burgess (drums). They used to have a bass player, but in April 2020, the band announced they’re parting ways with him.

The band originally formed in Memphis, TN but now are based out of Music-City Nashville. They apparently were all friends back in high school, but the band was formed only later (in 2015).

Image source: P. Tracy

I’d say The Band Camino’s music can be described as alternative pop-rock. Not sure why, but they always remind me a bit of Walk the Moon. Their energy on stage for sure is very similar. Their songs are mostly upbeat bops that invite to rock out to. But there are also a few slower almost serenade-like songs that will make you swoon.

My Personal Highlights

While I discovered The Band Camino a few years back through their song 2/14 off of their “My Thoughts On You” EP from 2016, I do have to say, their newer songs are just as cool. Their 2019 EP “tryhard” was on repeat for me for quite a while… Who am I kidding, it still is! My favorite song is for sure “Hush Hush”. However, the intro to “Daphne Blue” still gets me every time.

I was lucky enough to have seen them live before the pandemic hit. In October 2019 I was on a road trip in the US and managed to plan my trip around their show in Atlanta at the Variety Playhouse, which was sold-out! That show was for sure a highlight for me. There’s a cool review online over at The Odyssey Online that gives you a really good view of what went down at the show.

I was thinking about finding the videos I took at the show and posting them here, but I found a way better one on YouTube (and I took mine and made a reel on IG instead):

The Band Camino’s New Songs and Live Dates

The band was definitely keeping busy these past few months. While they were still touring beginning of 2020 (some EU fans were very lucky! Wish I could have made it to a show), they also released some new songs. In July 2020 their song with Chelsea Cutler “Crying over you” came out and a little later that year in December, the song “Roses” was released. Another catchy and in my eyes a typical The Band Camino-Song… And quite the fun video too: Music Video – Roses by The Band Camino. Then, just a couple weeks ago, this absolute bop made me dance through my apartment. Go have a look:

There might not be any live dates anytime soon. But before the big C hit, there were some tours that sounded like an absolute dream to me. The Band Camino was supposed to go on tour with Dan + Shay (OMG – fangirling hard over here!) and with 5SOS in the US. Both tours have been rescheduled. But as we know, at this time nothing really is confirmed. So let’s wait and see.

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Make sure you give these guys a follow on their socials, you will not want to miss anything about them. I have a feeling they’ll be big soon (even bigger than they already are):

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