The Canadian singer Michael Bublé brought his MB World Tour to Zurich’s Hallenstadion. This time an entire orchestra was part of the show, I counted at least 30 people on stage, plus a couple of super talented background singers. The stage had a huge runway all the way to the middle of the venue, with a small round stage attached.

Again, Michael Bublé made a loooot of people turn up. Seats all the way up in the nosebleeds were filled. I knew we were in for a treat tonight! Let’s see what Michael B has in store for us…

Why does Michael Bublé mention FC Basel and Tina Turner?

Yep, he really got us there… We got pranked hard. Michael Bublé announced and welcomes the legend Tina Turner on stage (she lives in Zurich, so it could be possible!) – whaaaat? OMG! But yeah, it was just his way of getting back at us for booing him – because, who in his right mind would tell a Zurich audience that they’re a fan of FC Basel? Too bad, I was really looking forward to having a picture of him with Tina Turner on stage. I wonder if he adapts this prank in every city. Either way, it was a good one, I have to admit!

Charme, humor and great songs – what else would you want?

It’s been obvious that the Canadian is a born performer, he manages to show the world every time he gets on stage. Bublé knows exactly how to include the audience and make them feel welcome. The entertainer shares personal anecdotes and let’s us peek into his personal life a bit while also making us laugh. At some point, he even let a lucky fan sing to his audience. Simone from Bern got to sing Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin. When he tells us that music to him, is like a voice of god, the audience doesn’t really react. I guess he gets more reaction to this in other countries. His comeback is a good one too. “There are way more atheists here than I expected! See you all in hell! 😀

From Orchestra to Club or Bar Settings

While Michael spends most of his time on or close to the mainstage, he does every now and then come to his b-stage upfront. At one point he transforms the venue into an almost intimate and personal little bar or club. Beautiful lights come down from the ceiling to make an even more comfy atmosphere. If you don’t look around, you might almost forget that there are like 10k people around you. Michael uses this up close and personal feeling to include the people in the back of the venue. He gives high-fives and takes selfies with fans’ phones. I can see many happy fans around the stage. Although, apparently he doesn’t like to call them/us fans. As this is short for fanatics, I guess it does have a bit of a negative vibe. He calls us friends. How cute is that?

Could there be a nicer way to start the encore with an amazing piano intro of Where or When? I mean, I love anything with piano, so I guess I’m a bit biased here. The closing song hit me right in the feels. A beautiful rendition of Gwen McCrae’s „You Were Always On My Mind“… This concert will definitely stay on my mind. Anyone else feel the same way?