While Justin Jesso got to perform in front of 40’000 people during the Energy Air show, his headline gig at Exil was just a tiny bit little smaller 😉 However, I think this is what most fans loved about it. It was a super small and intimate and very personal gig. That’s the way ( uh-huh uh-huh) I like it ( uh-huh uh-huh)… Keep reading for a small review and concert pictures of Justin Jesso.

Even though Exil wasn’t quite sold out, Justin Jesso still delivered and put on a great show. I love the passion he brings to the stage. You can tell he enjoys performing, or he’s just a great actor 😉 But I’m pretty sure he really does enjoy it 😀 He’s got the audience’s attention from the first song on. It’s great to see how he keeps interacting with the fans. Just a simple smile or handshake can make a fan’s day for sure. Great to see him realize that too. The girls in the front row definitely got their share of physical contact with their idol, I think I can still hear the gasps and squealing. But hey, I totally get it, I was the same 15-20 years ago…

Songs for superstars and mamas

While Justin keeps switching from guitar to keyboard, to drums. He obviously knows his way around instruments. But not just that, he tells us that he used to a songwriter for hire. So he spent a lot of time in studios writing songs for other people, biiig names in the industry like Ricky Martin and Maluma or the Backstreet Boys, or of course Kygo. Not bad.. Not bad at all…

Despite having a mostly very young, female audience, there are a few guys in the audience and even a few moms that came with their daughters (how cool are these moms??). The moms even got a song just for them too. Well, Justin usually sings this one song to his mom, but I’m sure the moms in the audience enjoyed Justin’s Cover of Adele’s  “Make You Feel My Love” just as much. So did I btw, even though I’m not a mom (well if you don’t consider the spiders and dust mice under my bed)

After about an hour, the whole thing was over already. Well, I guess, even though Just has written a bunch of songs, he doesn’t have that many of his own, YET… The closing song was obviously his biggest hit so far: Stargazing! The audience didn’t just bust out the dance moves, one of his fans suddenly threw up a super cool sign. It just said Stargazing,buuut, it was all lit up with lights all the way around, so it would really stick out. And it did. Her creativity paid off, Justin definitely saw it and pointed straight at her 🙂

Free Meet & Greet with Justin Jesso

How cool is this? At the end of the show, Justin mentioned he’ll come by the merch stand to say hello to everyone around. I can only imagine how every fan’s heart started beating a little faster at that point. Great to see that artists still come out to meet their fans, since many artists have started selling expensive M&G tickets where the fans are usually just rushed through and don’t even really get the chance to talk to the artists. This definitely wasn’t the case with Justin Jesso. He was amazing with every single fan, took the time to talk to them, sign stuff, take pictures and just hang out. If I wouldn’t have liked him before, this would have definitely made me love him. I hope he knows how much things like this mean to fans

Concert Pictures: Justin Jesso @ Exil, Zürich