Starting the week with a concert review and concert photos of Vampire Weekend – hell yeah! We’ve had to wait quite a while for new music, but it was worth the wait. After getting new songs earlier this year, the band around mastermind Ezra Koenig announced a tour including a date in Zurich!

It was a long time without any new music, but the fans certainly didn‘t have to wait for too long to see Vampire Weekend on Stage on Monday. There was no support, so the band was up on stage at 8.15 already! The concert promoter Just Because had previously informed that there was no support and the band would, therefore, love to play for as long as possible…

New and old hits by Vampire Weekend

I was surprised… Vampire Weekend really did play for almost 2.5hrs. Damn, what a great evening. 2.5hrs of quality indie rock. The setlist was a nice mixture of older and newer songs. One of my favorite songs was played super early, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa was on just after we got out of the pit after taking pictures. A little later then, one of my faves off the new album: This Life.  The atmosphere in the venue has been great from the very beginning even though the show wasn’t sold out. Down in the GA section, everyone was already dancing and just enjoying the tunes. Even up in the gallery, people were up and dancing, mainly on the sides though. The people in the middle section needed some more time to warm up 😉 Once  A-Punk came up, some fans up there couldn’t sit any longer and jumped up. Finally!

Song Requests from the Audience

During the encore, that went on forever, the fans got to request songs. Before the first request was shouted out, Ezra mentioned, that Walcott was going to be the last song – so obviously, people wouldn’t have to request that one. Ezra spotted a sign that requested the song Bambina. Well, that fan got exactly what she wanted, Bambina was the next song. The second request was Giving Up The Gun – the guy requesting it even got to choose what version they should play. He went for the traditional one – a very great version. After that, it was time for Walcott, the closing song of the night. But what a night it was. I really enjoyed myself and was super happy I got to take some nice concert photos Vampire Weekend – I’ll be back for sure! But please don’t let us wait another decade 😉

Concert Photos: Vampire Weekend @ Volkshaus 08.07.2019