Alvaro Soler brought some real summer vibes into Halle 622 last night! It was only the second date on his “Mar de Colores” tour, and it was quite an exciting show. Support act on this tour is Kelvin Jones, he got to open the show. Keep scrolling for our Concert Review & Pictures of Alvaro Soler at Halle 622.

The „Call You Home“ singer performed all by himself. Just him, his guitar and occasionally on the keyboard – but just as expected, Kelvin Jones delivered big time! This guy is the born performer, funny, super talented, and quite cheeky at times. It’s a real pleasure to see him perform, no matter if it’s in a tiny club in New York or in a big venue such as Halle 622. He always brings his A-game! Make sure to check out his music, especially his newest single “Lights On”.

Concert Pictures: Kelvin Jones @ Halle 622 

Streamers and Party Vibes right from the start

Shortly after 9 pm, Alvaro Soler made his way onto the stage. The predominantly female audience was visibly impressed and happy to finally see the Spaniard back on stage. Smiling faces all the way. Some very young kids even managed to get some great spots upfront – this must have been the concert of a lifetime for these young ones.

It didn’t Alvaro long to heat it up. His show started quite “explosive”. During “La Libertad” the confetti cannons were shooting out long white streamers that ended up mostly hanging down from the balcony. The audience was dancing and singing and just having a good time. When Alvaro asked how many Spanish people were in the audience, the cheers were surprisingly pretty quiet… But who cares right? The atmosphere was still great!

Alvaro Soler can strip it down too

Despite the show being mainly up-tempo with summer-party-beats, Alvaro proved to us, that he can also turn it down and be all quiet and smooth. He sat down at the piano to perform the song “Niño Perdido” and it sounded great! Alvaro kept this part of the show on the slightly slower side with more calm songs like “Esperandote”. It was a nice “break” for all of us dancing queens and kings 🙂

The calm before the storm I guess. It didn’t take long and Alvaro was back to getting people to dance and party during his song “Agosto”. At this point he even made us work out a little. Kneeling down just to jump back up again, repeating this a couple of times, then jumping in circles and turning the other way. Well damn, I was out of breath in no time hahaha!

Ready for the big finale

“Histérico” pretty much was the beginning of the finale. Huge balloons were flying through the room, the sax player got a small solo and the fans were back to jumping, cheering, and singing. Songs like “Tengo un sentimiento”  or “La Cintura” kept the energy high! As usual, Alvaro brought out the big guns now. Probably his biggest hit “Sofia” was the closing song. While most people pulled out their phones one last time, to record the song, some were already running out the door. The show did end only shortly before 11 pm. But it was a great evening. I caught myself bopping my head to the beat of “Sofia” on the train, still in my little Alvaro-party-vibe 😀

Concert Pictures: Alvaro Soler @ Halle 622