Anne Marie, the British singer, kicked off her headline tour in Zurich last week. After traveling around the world with Ed Sheeran and performing in huge stadiums, it was now time for her own shows.

The Halle 622 was so close to being sold out, just a few people were missing to make it official. But before Anne Marie got on stage, it was Lennon Stella’s time. The singer that until now was mainly known through the US TVShow „Nashville“ was set to warm up the crowd. To my “disappointment” there wasn’t much country music in her set, however her rather slow and sometimes slightly electronic-ish sound was pretty cool and her voice is still super special and stands out!

Concert Pictures: Lennon Stella @ Halle 622 Zürich

Anne Marie makes everyone sing!

Around 9 pm the stage was ready for Anne Marie. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for the crowd to sing along and party. I soon realized I knew way more songs than I thought I would. I have to admit, I have not been the greatest fan of hers. But that has changed a bit. With her show, her bubbly personality and her catchy songs, she might have won me over a bit 🙂

The atmosphere was great and refreshing – as so many people were singing along and knew all the lyrics! During the show, Anne Marie at some point – unintentionally – dropped her mic (or more like threw it away haha), started signing CDs in the middle of a song, and almost forgot that the song actually wasn’t finished at that point. It was super entertaining!

All in all, it was a cool show. Anne Marie’s great mood and excitement were definitely contagious! She managed to win over an otherwise very critical music blogger (le me!).

Concert Pictures: Anne Marie @ Halle 622 Zürich