Walking on Cars are back! On Monday evening the Irish band finally got around to perform their new songs in front of the Zurich audience. The venue Volkshaus wasn’t sold out, but it was still a good show and me for one enjoyed myself for sure.

Before the main act got to take the stage, we got to enjoy the music of a great Australian duo called: Hollow Coves. The two guys opened up the show with their soft and heartfelt singer-songwriter tunes. The only thing missing was a big bonfire and couple surfer dudes 🙂 Go and give the guys from down under a listen, I know I’ll definitely add them to my playlists.

Concert Pictures: Hollow Coves

Walking on Cars at Zurich’s Volkshaus

A little after 9 pm it was time for Walking on Cars. As the band got on stage they started off with a bang. The brought out “Monster” as an opener and made sure the crowd was in a good mood from the start. Considering the venue wasn’t really full, the atmosphere was still pretty good. Singer Patrick is literally bouncing from side to side and keeps encouraging the crowd to sing and clap. There were a couple of die-hard fans in the front rows that have been clapping, dancing and singing from the very beginning. The mood was a bit more relaxed in the back rows though… It was a nice ambiance and overall mood, but I have to admit, it wasn’t quite as exciting as back in 2016 when Walking on Cars played a sold-out show at Plaza.

It hasn’t even been that long, has it?

During the show, Patrick kept apologizing for taking so much time to finish the album. Apparently, it took so much longer than expected. And also, that it took them so long to come to Switzerland. Hmmm but wait, Walking on Cars was just in Basel at last years Baloise Session 😉

So I have to say, the new songs sound even better live than on CD! There are some interesting stories behind the songs too. “Too Emotional” was actually a song they wanted to pitch to other bands because it wasn’t really a “WOC-Song”. But somehow the song ended up on the album, and I’m really happy about that. It does have a bit of a different vibe compared to the other songs, but it really turned into a WOC song after all and sounds amazing performed live!

A firework of hits to end the show

While the setlist was a nice mix of newer and old songs, it was clear that WOC saved the big hits for the end of the show. Starting with “Ship Goes Down” and “Catch Me If You Can”, which btw was their very first single back in 2013, over to “Coldest Water”. After that the band went off stage, just to come back on with 3 great encores. After “Pieces of You” and “Somebody Else” the bands uber-hit had to be coming up. And there it was, “Speeding Cars” was obviously recognized after just seconds and while hundreds of phones were popping up and pretty much everyone sang along. What a great end to the night! The band thanked everyone before leaving the stage. A few lucky fans got guitar picks, setlists or drumsticks – there were many happy faces around me. Even though the all-around vibe didn’t seem as ecstatic as the one at Plaza (at least for me), it was a great night!

Concert Pictures: Walking on Cars @ Volkshaus