The Italian singer Marco Mengoni once again enchanted everyone at Volkshaus, Zurich. He’s on a small tour presenting his newest album “Atlantico” that was released in November last year. I knew we were up for some great songs!

It took him a while, but the wait for Marco Mengonis newest album was totally worth it IMHO. The album might not be as successful as the last one, but I personally really like it. Especially since there’s a Spanish edition. Marco is not the first Italian to go Spanish. But for me, he is the only one that actually sounds great in Spanish too: Marco Mengoni – Atlantico

Marco Mengoni puts smiles on everyone’s faces!

Right after 20:15 the lights went out. The fans get excited! The Italian singer slowly walks up on stage after the band has already taken their places. There’s a lot of cheering and screaming going on already. The fans start singing along from the very beginning, this is going to be a great night for sure! Even though my knowledge in the Italian language consists of mainly foods and soccer terms, I still find myself at these concerts all the time. Why you might wonder? Well, because these gigs are usually fucking amazing. I can’t say it any differently, the atmosphere, the entire mood is just so different from other shows. For me, it also shows, that even though someone might not understand the lyrics – the shows and the music can still speak to you.

During the second song, Marco started blowing kisses to fans. Man, some fans up on the balcony were close to jumping down on stage. It’s crazy to see what little gestures like that can do to people 😉 Many of the newer songs were played in the very beginning. “Buona Vita” is actually one of my favorite songs off the new album – it always puts me in a summer or just generally in a vacation kind of mood. Right after this one, we got to listen to the recent single „Muhammad Ali“ – which by the way has a great video out: Marco Mengoni – Muhammad Ali.

Old Hits and Covers at Volkshaus

Obviously not only the new songs were on the setlist. Every now and then one of the older songs were slipped in. One of them being “Esseri Umani” – the fans seemed to really like this one, there was a lot of singing going on there. One of my highlights was the great cover of “Jealous Guy”. This is one of my all time favorite songs ever and I have to say, it really does bring out Marco Mengonis voice beautifully! As always, the coolest concert hast to end at some point. While approaching the last part of the show, the big hits were coming out. During „Guerriero“ it seemed like every single person in the audience started singing along. 2 great songs were kept to bring out for the encore. First up was “Hola” that usually features Tom Walker. But hearing it sung by Marco only, was great too. The closing sing then got everyone on their feet and celebrating a wonderful evening. Marco Mengoni ended the set with „Lo Ti Aspetto“. He’s going out with a bang. Even the people in the very back were now dancing – what a great end to this show!

Even though it felt like Marco was a bit less talkative this time around, the gig was great. The atmosphere seemed very chill and the fans obviously still love Marco. For me it was yet another great gig and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be back in the audience when Marco comes back to Zurich.

Concert Pictures: Marco Mengoni @ Volkshaus